Fifty Guaranteed Happy Makers

Last week, I went to an event that made me very happy – the nice folks at Getpaidto invited a bunch of bloggers to the London Eye to find out about the launch of their new site. It was a gloriously sunny, clear day and the views from the London Eye were… View Post

Testing a new rollercoaster at Drayton Manor

One of the things I love about Flea is that while she is terrified of completely random things (flies, mashed potato, wearing sandals), she’s a complete adrenaline junkie in others.  So it turns out she was in her element this week when we were invited to get a sneak peek… View Post

Probably the only list of British Parent Bloggers you’ll ever need

I've been meaning to do this for a while – it's a complete list of all the British Mummy and Daddy blogs nominated for the MAD Awards 2010 – more than 400 parenting blogs in all. If you're looking for new parent blogs to explore, this is probably a pretty… View Post

Oh, you have a life? Cancel it.

As a school Mummy, I am an abject failure. This Monday was Harvest Festival. I remembered this just as I was holding open the school's front door for another School Mummy and her three kids. Each child was holding a cardboard box filled with Arborio rice and jars of organic… View Post

And the prize for “Top Mummy 2009” goes to…

Sometimes I think my greatest achievement in life might be making all the Other Mothers feel better about themselves. My excuse is that life’s manic. I have a proper job (journalism) and I’m a single parent. Somewhere in the gap between those two roles I write this blog, I do… View Post