Tesco Mum of the Year 2014

Today I came to a startling realisation.

Since becoming a parent, I have developed real-life, actual magic powers.

It’s true. You could put me in a robe and call me Dumbledore, I’m so magical.

For example, the pair of flip flops above might LOOK like a regular, ordinary pair of flip flops.

But I have made them invisible.

Don’t believe me?


Well, it’s the only possible explanation for the fact that when I unpacked our suitcase after our last trip overseas (some ten days ago) I placed the flip flops neatly in a pair, outside Flea’s bedroom door, so she could tidy them away.

Since then, Flea has been into her bedroom, and out of her bedroom, at least three times a day.

And yet… at no time has she noticed the flip flops.

*cue spooky music*

Seriously, though, there are women out there doing things that are nothing short of miraculous. They’re raising children while facing unimaginable challenges, supporting causes, inspiring communities and sharing love and support without reward, or recognition.

And that’s what the Tesco Mum of the Year Award is all about. Recognising those Mums who do amazing things. They’re not famous, they’re not rich, but they’re remarkable. The Tesco Mum of the Year Awards is all about celebrating their achievements at a rather fancy awards ceremony with a fab new outfit, and a 2-night stay at a hotel in London. And I’m pleased to have been invited to be an ambassador for the awards this year.

The reality is, the only way we find out about these inspiring, amazing women is if YOU (yes, YOU) go and nominate someone amazing for the awards. And you’ve got to do it TODAY, so get a move on.

You can nominate someone online.

You can email: mumoftheyear@tescomagazine.co.uk

You have until 11.55pm on 13th September 2013 to get your nominations in.


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