The One Where Flea was Neglected.

It’s been a fab weekend.

My first real weekend off in a month, what with the demands of organising the MAD Blog Awards and BlogSummit Manchester during September.

Flea and I took off to the beach on Saturday morning, then there was time for a quick trip to the park before heading off to Manchester to see Wicked live on stage – which was *amazing*.

Then on Sunday it was off to see the family for Sunday dinner, then home in time for a massive Playmobil session on the lounge floor – Flea’s recently been sent two Playmobil Western sets and adores them – particularly the tiny little toy explosives that blow the mine open so the bad guy can steal all the gold.

It was nice to spend some real quality time together. I suspect like many parents I worry about the times when Flea is ignored and (frankly) a bit neglected because I’m busy on other things.

I often used to wonder what she does with herself when she’s off playing in another part of the house.

But happily, I need wonder no longer.

She’s doing this.



I praise whoever invented mobile devices with rear-facing cameras. I think Flea’s probably a performer in the making.

Or possibly a dentist.

Or just weird.

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