That was the summer that was…

Summer hols

It’s been a brilliant summer. Our best in years.

We kicked off with a quick trip to Italy, a Glee Live concert, a long weekend in Cornwall, and then a week in North Devon. Then we headed down to Brighton, our old stomping ground for a couple of weeks, and then there was a trip to London to stay at the Royal Garden Hotel for some cooking classes, before whizzing over to Heathrow Airport for an amazing behind the scenes tour. Lastly, we headed off to France for the last week of the holidays, where we had a brilliant time, courtesy of Keycamp.

Despite all the travelling our summer has been pretty low key. Mostly, we’ve spent our time swimming, building sandcastles and introducing the world of surfing to new levels of under-achievement. There have been dozens of picnics and walks and lazy afternoons on the beach.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that my brown, slightly dishevelled daughter looked positively shell-shocked at being forced back into a school uniform this morning after almost nine weeks of freedom.

School 003
Still, I’m sure we will both be fine. You’ll be relieved to know we slipped straight back into our old routine this morning of getting up a bit too late, eating breakfast from a cup in the car (once I’d found the spare car keys, having mislaid the actual car keys somewhere between 8pm last night and 8am this morning) and arriving at school having forgotten something crucial (Flea’s PE kit) and with no idea of where Flea’s new classroom actually was.

And yes, there is a button missing on her blazer, well done to those who spotted that. The way I didn’t – until 8.45am this morning.

I’ll admit it, though. I’m a bit relieved to get back to the school routine. Trying to fit what amounts to three different jobs into your day when you’re working from home and caring for a six-year-old has been a character building experience this summer, to say the least.

I’m full of good intentions about how organised I’m going to be now I’ve got all this time – no more starting work at 8pm at night, no more trying to answer emails from a beach, no more missing deadlines or forgetting to send contracts to clients. And now I look at that picture a bit more closely, I really must remember to brush Flea’s hair before we go to school.

Anyone else full of new school year resolutions this week?

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