New Year Resolutions, 1985 style.

little girls diary
So, I was hunting through drawers this morning trying frantically to find a baby photo of Flea for some school project or other when I found this:  my diary, from January 1985 to August 1985, the last entry being my 11th birthday. I remember, a family friend bought it for me as a Christmas present, saying, “All writers start out by writing diaries.”

I’m not sure there’s much writing talent there, but there are a lot of felt-tip hearts and complaint about being the last girl in my class to have a bra. Sadly, I can’t even remember who Tim was, and that whole Sally4Andy thing clearly didn’t work out as I’d hoped. Also,  25 years ago I was incapable of calling anyone by name – everyone in my diary has a weird nickname.

I thought I’d share with you my 10-year-old self’s New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t think I kept them. Which just goes to show, nothing changes, does it?

January 1st, 1984

Today, I painted nutshells and made them look like K-9. I  called them K-1 and K-2. After that, I put some more graffiti on my new bag, but I don’t know when we go back to school so while Mum’s out I will have to ring Chez or Jojo.

I’ve had a good Christmas and I’m very tired but before I go here are my New Year’s resolutions:

  • I am going to do long jump and get my five star award, even though I really hate Wozza and she’s in athletics. She cut her arm when she was leaning back in her chair on the last day of term, HAHA!
  • I am going to ask for money for my birthday and get a second hand typewriter so I can write my stories on it. Mum says if I wait until next Christmas they might buy me a new one, which means I could use the money for my holiday spends. Hmm. I dunno.
  • I will determine to eat good food when Mum makes it and to do more running. [I will determine? What a weirdo]
  • Feed the cat.
  • I won’t smoke. [Here, my brother Ross has hysterically added the words “AS MUCH” to the end of the line]
  • Wash up when Mum nags me to do it.
  • I will batter Ross and call him Rose [Here, Ross crossed out ‘Rose’ and replaced it with PERFECT]
  • To kick Peter as hard as possible (Peter is my mate and a boy that I HATE).[Totes had a crush on him]

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