Inappropriate use of baby products.

It’s a while since I’ve been pregnant.

So I’m not sure what made me say yes when Cussons invited me to London to eat cake and meet with their team and enjoy some cake while talking about their brand new Mum & Me range of products for pregnant ladies, new Mums and newborns.


Anyway, as it turns out, the Mum & Me range works almost as well for ladies who aren’t pregnant at all – after thorough testing (in between cakes) I can report that the Cooling Spray is utterly marvellous for those grotty, sticky tube journeys, and will be making its way with me to Tel Aviv later this month. The Dry Shampoo has been extensively used and I can promise you that it a) smells much nicer than the stuff you buy in Boots and b) doesn’t leave a residue that makes people wonder if you have chalk dust or just really bad dandruff on your head.

Best of all, though, is the Sleep Mist, which aids relaxation and sleep (for Mums – there’s a balm for babies, though). As someone who doesn’t really *do* relaxed, it’s been a real treat to try this mist – and I bet it would do wonders sprayed on a six-year-old’s pillow, too. Something to consider in September when I’m trying to get Flea to sleep at a sensible hour.

You can check out the whole range online, and the Mum & Me Facebook page is also looking for your Real Life Mummy confessions for a new campaign – obviously I had no embarrassing stories to share, but I’m sure you could come up with one or two, right?

[Cussons is a Tots100 client, and met my expenses to attend this event. All opinions are my own, naturally] 

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