The Mystery of Six

Kids are basically creatures of mystery.

Like why is it Flea can’t hear me when I’m at the top of the stairs and calling her because her bath is ready… but she can hear the opening of a packet of Munchies from 500 feet?

Or why is it that Flea can be exhausted and unable to walk another step if we’re at the supermarket, but discovers previously unimagined reserves of energy if we pass by the park on the way home?

Some mysteries, though, are just beyond the power of human reason.

Like why, when we had spent an hour stuck in traffic on the M6 yesterday, did I glance in the rear-view mirror to find that my six-year-old child – who had a portable DVD player, a Kindle, two books, and a Nintendo 3DS at her disposal – had decided that the best way to entertain herself was by working out how to get naked without removing a seatbelt?

Thanks to Kate for tagging me in the ‘why’ meme. 

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