The 70s and a moment of Fashion Shame

This month over on the Tots100 website, we’re running a competition with Samsung to win an ST600 digital camera.

To take part, all you need to do is share with us a photo of your FASHION SHAME and add a link to this post (using the box at the bottom of the post) over on the Tots100 blog. You’ve got until Friday to share your photos, and I do recommend sparing a few minutes to run through the entries already listed – there are some classics.

We’ve been testing an ST600 camera ourselves this month, and it’s pretty nifty. I tend to use a fairly bulky Canon Digital Rebel camera, but it has to be said, it doesn’t fit easily into a pocket on days out! The ST600 is light and portable, and has a cute dual-screen that means when someone takes a photo of you, you can see the image as it’s being taken.

There’s also a touch-screen, which is fairly intuitive (must be, I worked it out) and the basic controls are easy enough that I could happily send Flea off on her school trip with this camera, knowing she could work it out.

Anyway, on the basis that I’d never ask you to do something I’m not willing to do with myself, I am sharing a family photo from the Whittle archives. There are some special things to note about this photograph:

  • Even at the time this photo was taken, I knew if there was one thing I hated more than a polo-necked jumper, it was a SHINY polo-necked jumper. But for some reason my Mum loved ‘em.
  • I no longer wear tights that sag around my knees, Nora Batty style. I’ve moved on slightly.
  • No matter how dodgy this kilt might be, it’s nothing compared to the horror of my brothers’ Christmas jumpers.
  • It's easy to judge but the 70s were not kind to any of us, were they? 

Fam photo

How about you? Got any fashion horrors in the closet you’re compelled to share?

Disclosure: Samsung is a client of the Tots100, and also provided us with an ST600 camera for the purposes of this review. 


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