Tracks of my Years: Dad Rock

Tracks of my Years
You know how when you’re younger, there’s music that you like, and then there’s music that your Dad listens to?

My marriage was a bit like that.

I got hitched to someone quite a bit older than me and so approximately 15% of all the conversations during our relationship centred on how I apparently didn’t “understand” music because I didn't own a host of apparently crucial albums that were released BEFORE I was born. I remember how my then-husband literally couldn't understand how I wasn't excited beyond measure when I interviewed Roger Dean. Until I stopped him mid-rant to ask who "Yes" were, anyway. 

Being a mature person and all-round brilliant wife, I obviously refused on principle to listen to anything my ex requested while we were married, instead taking a perverse delight in telling him the names of every member of S Club 7 and making him listen to the White Stripes and singing ‘la-la-la’ when he said they were just ripping off Led Zeppelin.

Ironic, then, that after splitting from my ex I found myself best friends with someone only a couple of years older than me who is a Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones geek, and makes me listen to all kinds of Dad Rock.

One of my favourite memories of recent years is of his expression the day he first heard my Glee CD, including the cover of "Jump". I thought he was going to cry as he said, "This is not Van Halen, Sally."

Anyway, it was my friend who introduced me to the track below, Ready for Love, by Bad Company. I first heard it in my friend’s car, late at night, as we were driving home along the docks after a late-night cinema trip, and I loved it. But I still feel a bit weird to think that this was made before I was even born. Cripes. 

For those without sound, the lyric is:

Walking down this rocky road,

Wonderin’ where my life is leading

Rolling on, to the bitter end

Finding out along the way what it takes to keep love living

You should know, how it feels my friend.

I want you to stay

I want you today

Now I’m on my feet again

Better things are bound to happen

All my dues, surely must be paid

Many miles and many tears,

Times were hard but now are changin’

You should know, that I’m not afraid…

I’ve been listening to it a lot this lately, which suggests I’m basically becoming middle-aged and pre-disposed to love Dad Rock. Either that or it’s just a good tune. I like to think it's the latter. 

Prog rock is still shit, though.


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