The Kitchen Video Blog

"I'm totally not going to do that." 

That's what I said to Jen at the Madhouse when she tagged me and asked me to make a video blog of my kitchen. Seriously? A blog about a kitchen? 

But then I thought about it. 

The truth is, I am a domestic GODDESS. My kitchen is like a shrine to good cooking and housewifely skills. I would be depriving you, friends, by not sharing with you the secrets of my kitchen. 

So, here it is. A video blog of my kitchen. Watch it and weep. No really, you'll weep. 


The Kitchen Video Blog from Sally Whittle on Vimeo.


Being a truly terrible blogger (as well as a shockingly bad cook) I forgot I'm supposed to tag some other bloggers to expose themselves for my entertainment. Honestly, I'm not sure who to go for because I kind of suspect most people will say, "NO WAY" but on the offchance I'll invite the following suckers bloggers to join in:

Mummy from the Heart (because she's too nice to say no) 

Cooking, Cakes and Children (because she really is a proper cook) 

Baby Budgeting (because I bet she knows how to do stuff in the kitchen) 



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