If you’re looking for women’s plus size wetsuits in the UK, welcome to my biggest ever guide to wetsuits in sizes 16-34 for women who want to get into the water!

Why do we need a guide to plus sized wetsuits?

I’ve been writing this guide for four years now. I started because I got sick of looking for wetsuits that fit curvy women. The endless searching, and the dread that nothing I found looked like it was going to fit.

If I want to do yoga, or go for a run, there are plenty of comfortable, attractive clothes I could wear. But if I want to go surfing, paddle boarding or diving, it’s not so easy. I can get half my bottom half into a size 16/18 wetsuit, but my boobs are not going to be co-operating with that project.

Almost every woman who wears a size 16+ will know the fear of doing any activity where you need to borrow a wetsuit. Will they have a wetsuit in my size? Will I be able to fasten the wetsuit they give me? What if it doesn’t do up? If it does, will I be able to move? Or breathe?

So I wanted to help women like me find UK retailers that stock inclusive sizes in a range of wetsuits.

plus size wetsuit uk

I love to swim, I love to kayak, I love paddle boarding and trying to surf (badly). I refuse to let my size be a reason I shouldn’t try any of those things.

Guide to Buying a Plus Size Wetsuit in the UK

  • Don’t panic. There are loads of plus size wetsuits for women in the UK that will fit you, and you’ll look great to boot. Check out my list of retailers below – please note that some of the below links are affiliates, meaning I’ll make a small commission if you make a purchase via this site.
  • Don’t worry about height when looking at size guides. You can buy a bigger wetsuit for a taller person and just cut the arms and legs to the required length. I promise you that your wetsuit won’t mind a bit. Neoprene doesn’t fray, and you can cut your suit to the perfect length with regular scissors.
  • Short and curvy? Consider a shorty wetsuit with appropriate boots as an alternative to a full wetsuit. It will be easier to put on, and much more flexible. Pair with wetsuit socks/gloves, and it will take you through to the end of summer without any problems.
  • Not very flexible? For some bigger people, getting a wetsuit on and off can be a challenge. Consider a “Long John” or “Long Jane” style suit that has full length but no sleeves. They’re super easy to put on and off and work well for things like kayaking and paddle boarding. You can also pair with a neoprene top or jacket.
  • Consider front zips for certain sports. A front zip can make it easier to put a suit on – but they are tricky to take off if you’re alone, AND they can make it harder to get back on a paddle board, if you fall off.
  • Wetsuit measurements refer to the suit and not you.  A 3mm wetsuit might stretch 4-5 inches, a 5mm wetsuit up more like 1-2 inches. Swimming wetsuits are more flexible than surf suits, but aren’t as durable. Check size charts and materials, and choose a suit that will stretch to fit you, to ensure the right, snug fit.
  • Just because a suit fastens doesn’t mean it fits. It’s normal for a wetsuit to feel tight but if you feel your breathing is at all restricted, then the suit is too tight and you’re not going to be able to move effectively in the water.
  • Don’t forget boots! If you’re paddling or swimming in the UK, you will need to think about keeping warm. We like these affordable neoprene gloves (available in a range of sizes) and these boots, that are great for watersports.


Easy Shopping List: 10+ plus sized wetsuits on Amazon right now…

There are quite a few plus size wetsuits for women on Amazon, but it’s important to know what you’re looking for and CHECK the sizing chart for each specific brand. In some brands an XXL might be a size 14, or it might be a 20. You need to do your research.

Here are some Amazon sellers who have plus sized wetsuits for women in stock right now (March 2023): 

  • Layatone: This wetsuit brand provides a range of wetsuits in shortie and full styles that go up to an impressive 6XL (around a women’s 24-26) and cost around £50-£60. Available in red and blue, with really strong 4.5 star reviews.
  • Mountain Warehouse: You can often pick up Mountain Warehouse wetsuits on Amazon when they’re sold out on the MW website, and they can be cheaper, which is a fun bonus!

    • TWF: This range of bigger wetsuits is widely sold in retailers UK-wide. They’re decent quality and very affordable. They’re currently for sale on Amazon for around £46 for a shortie suit in sizes up to UK size 22.

  • Cressi This wetsuit brand has a reputation for making wetsuits that are good for women with bigger chest measurements. The Cressi Playa range costs £86, and is available in sizes up to a 3XL, or size 7 in wetsuit numbers. What does this mean? Well, a 3XL should fit someone up to around 18 stones, with a 45-inch chest. Find one here.  Or here. If you need larger, there is currently a Cressi men’s 3XL shortie wetsuit available, which fits up to a 48-inch chest.
  • ZCCO: These shortie wetsuits are billed as men’s suits but given the short arms and legs they’re effectively unisex. Available in 1mm and 3mm thicknesses, they’re SUPER stretchy, ideal for summer AND are available in sizes up to a 4XL (around a 22-24). Find one for under £30 here. Full suit available here.
  • CiC: This wetsuit brand has an XXL in the men’s style, which is suitable for up to a 46 inch chest – that’s around a women’s size 20-22. They’re currently in stock here and under £50.
  • UNCLE: THis brand is currently offering a plus size wetsuit shorty style for both men and women at £49, currently available up to a size 3XL.
  • Typhoon: The Typhoon Storm is another plus sized shortie suit for summer days – this time available in a UK Size 20 and 22 at £35. Find out more here.
  • Micosuza: This brand is new to me but they offer a 1.5mm full wetsuit that gives you coverage without too much weight. The neoprene is 1.5mm making this idea for holidays, and very hot days. The sizing suggests that an XXL will fit up to about a 42 inch chest (size 20), and might be worth a look, with a bargain £40 price tag and some decent reviews on Amazon.
  • IfLove currently offers women’s shortie wetsuits in plus sized range, up to a 4XL. These cost around £65 and at 3mm thickness with flat seams, are ideal for summer swimming and sports in the UK or abroad. Check out the range here.
  • Wenlia is a great option if, like me, you’re a different size on top and bottom. Their range of separate wetsuit jackets and shorts run up to a size 3XL and are shortie, so will fit men or women. The jackets cost £36 and are available here, while shorts are available here in up to 2XL.

If none of these plus size wetsuits for women suit, there a few other inclusive sizes of suit that you might want to check out, that offer broader sizing (although not as broad as those above). Or read on to find UK retailers currently stocking plus size wetsuits in sizes 18-30.

  • Scubapro Offers a 2XL short and 2XL wetsuit in various styles
  • Fourth Element – Offers a Size 20 in both tall and short lengths, plus long/short styles
  • Sharkskin Offers up to a size 22/4XL in certain styles


Where to Buy Plus Size Wetsuits for Women, UK 2023 Guide


Today, I’m sharing some of the best places I’ve come across that sell plus sized wetsuits for women in the UK. Some of these retailers offer wetsuits in sizes up to a UK size 30 or US size 34, while others offer custom-made suits to your specific measurements.

I’ve tried to include products for all budgets. Prices will vary, and suits that are custom-made or thicker will cost more, of course. But I hope that if you’re hunting for a plus sized wetsuit for women, this list will help you out!


Mountain Warehouse – plus sized wetsuits up to size 24/26

mountain warehouse size 26 wetsuits

Mountain Warehouse sells good quality wetsuits for women in sizes up to 24-26. They’re available as full (long) wetsuits and shortie wetsuits. At present the cost of a long plus size wetsuit at Mountain Warehouse is just £79.99. Shortie wetsuits are £59.99.

Occasionally the site will sell out of bigger sizes but if you check back, they do restock throughout the season.

I’ve had 2 MW wetsuits in a size 20-22 and it was a great fit, and I loved that I could choose from different colours rather than there being ONE suit for plus sized ladies. Interested? You can see the range of full womens’ wetsuits up to size 26 (UK) here at just £59.99 and the shortie wetsuits from £39.99.


Lomo Plus Sized UK wetsuits up to Size 32

womens wetsuit size 26 to 32

Lomo is my absolute top recommendation for plus size wetsuits in the UK. The company expanded its range last year to include wetsuits up to a size 32 UK. Although you won’t find numbered sizes on the site, Lomo sells wetsuits in Medium Wide A, B and C sizing, which are equivalent to UK womens sizes 14-18, 18-24 and 26-30. They’re designed for women 5′ 7″ or less, which means no more rolling up or chopping off sleeves! It’s a plus sized miracle!

There’s a 5mm wetsuit at a very, very affordable £69, and a swimming/triathlon wetsuit that is a little more expensive at £115, and this is available up to a size 32. It’s so, so incredible to finally see a UK retailer offering these sizes. If you buy one, please tell me how it works out! Swimming wetsuits really are best for swimming – they are thinner and more fragile than regular suits and prone to tearing and holes because they’re not designed for kneeling on paddleboards or sitting in kayaks.


Blueseventy swimming wetsuits up to XL

Blueseventy has a great range of swimming wetsuits that are available in some plus sizes. If you want a wetsuit for swimming, it’s worth looking for one designed for the purpose – regular wetsuits are highly buoyant and make it quite tricky to swim.

The Blueseventy range goes up to a size 20/22 wetsuit, which is the XL size. It’s quite generous – swimming wetsuits are more stretchy than thicker wetsuits so they’re quite forgiving. As a brand, Blueseventy also has a reputation for wetsuits that have a high level of stretch so if you’re a size 22 with a large chest or hips, this could be the brand for you.

The Blueseventy website is a bit expensive, but there are some cheaper options. This 2022 Glide wetsuit costs a smidge over £200, while this  Glide shorty wetsuit is available in an XL, which based on measurements should easily fit a size 20/22. It’s currently out of stock but once 2023 stock comes in, it will cost £165.

If you’re looking for a full wetsuit, you can also pick up a full blueseventy suit at £139 from Wiggle, it’s currently on sale and available in plus size XL (suitable for up to 17 stones).


HEVTO – Affordable wetsuits from the USA

plus size wetsuit uk

  • Sells: affordable 3mm wetsuits ideal for holiday/hobby use
  • Sizes: Up to a XXXLT1 (up to 250lb)
  • Good to know: These ship from the US but the wetsuits only cost around £50, so worth considering!

Hevto was a new brand to me, but it’s been available via Amazon for several years now, and gets decent reviews. The prices are low, so great if you’re new to watersports and don’t want to spend a fortune. Hevto’s sizing is really inclusive with plus size wetsuits available in XXXL including a short and tall version. Looking at the measurements, the XXXLT is close to a size 28/30 in UK sizing.

Hevto is available from Amazon in selected sizes/colours – this seller stocks Hevto wetsuits up to a 2XL, which should fit someone up to around 250lb or 19 stones. If you want to buy broader sizing, check out Hevto’s site – they will ship to the UK, if you can wait a week or two for delivery.


oxs wetsuit shorty 3XL

Osprey Wetsuits – Under £50, Available up to XXXL

Osprey has a year-round range of really cheap plus sized wetsuits in the UK. Many suits cost less than £50, with sizes up to a 3XL or XXXLT. This is around a UK size 22 wetsuit. This shorty wetsuit is 3mm and available in XL, 2XL and 3XL. It’s probably best suited for summer, but is an absolute bargain at £39.99. Alternatively, there’s a 5mm full wetsuit at £79.99 – also a bargain, and currently available up to a 3XL.

I’ve often found Osprey has stock when most UK retailers are out of stock in larger sized wetsuits.

Sainsburys Wetsuits – not currently available

My villain of the year is Sainsbury’s. The past two years the company has sold really affordable plus size wetsuits up to size 26, but this year the range seems to have reverted to only up to a size 18. Boo.

However, they do sell rash swimsuits, which are neoprene swimsuits with long sleeves that are like a cross between a swimsuit and wetsuit. These do go up to a size 26, if you can catch them in stock – try this suit and this suit (currently available in Size 24) or plus size options.


plus sized womens wetsuit hire


Dive Inn – Affordable option from Spain

Dive Inn is part of a Spanish group of websites offering everything you might ever need for any sort of water activity. They sell a wide range of plus sized wetsuits for diving and general recreation. They offer up to 3XL in many styles, and 4XL in mens’ plus wetsuit styles.

The diving site offers a decent range of wetsuits in a broad range of sizes including plus sized women’s wetsuits. The women’s SEAC wetsuit goes up to 2XL (about a size 18/20) while the men’s range goes up to 4XL (26/28) in many styles. Right now there’s a 4XL shortie wetsuit on the site for under £50 – bargain!

plus size wetsuits in the UK


I hope my guide to plus size wetsuits for women size 16+ in the UK was useful – if it was, please share with your friends!