The Best Plus Size Wetsuits for Women, 2024

where can I buy plus size wetsuits Welcome to my guide to where to find plus size wetsuits in the UK. I put 20 wetsuits through their paces to bring you my top picks in sizes 16 – 34 this summer.

Why am I so passionate about plus sized wetsuits? When I was starting out as a kayaker, I almost cried with frustration trying to find a suit that would fit. As a size 18/20 female who is only just 5 foot 3, most suits were uncomfortable, too tight, and too long. In the last five years, I’ve tried out pretty much every major brand of wetsuit. With mixed results.

kayaking in the lake district

In this post, I’ll be sharing my experiences and reviews of the suits I’ve tried and tested, and which I’d recommend. The less said about the plus size wetsuits I’d chuck in the bin, the better!

Why is it SO hard to find plus size wetsuits?

I created this guide to plus size wetsuits because I got so sick of looking for them! When you’re bigger, there’s so much stress involved in looking for wetsuits. Will I find something that fits, will it fasten, will I be able to breathe? 

plus sized wetsuits uk

So many shops only sell wetsuits up to a size 16. And listen, I might get half my bottom half into a size 16/18 wetsuit, but my boobs are not going to be co-operating with that project.

Guide to Plus Size Wetsuits

This guide is a comprehensive list of UK shops that sell wetsuits in a size 16+. Many of the stores have plus sized suits available up to a UK size 22. Some go bigger – up to a size 32.  I’ve organised the list into sections to make it easy to find what you’re looking for:

  • Women’s wetsuits in Size UK 16-20
  • Women’s wetsuits in Size UK 20-24
  • Women’s wetsuits in Size UK 24+

I’m sharing some general tips on buying wetsuits in bigger or plus sizes. Hopefully, it means you’ll be able to get out and enjoy the water this summer!

plus size wetsuit uk

The stress free guide to plus size wetsuits

Don’t panic if you’re struggling to find a wetsuit that will fit. There are plenty of options if you know where to look.

If you’re a bigger person but not very tall (like me) then I suggest you do what I do. When you buy a new wetsuit, ignore the length entirely. It’s totally fine to cut your suit to length. I chop about 3 inches off the legs, and it doesn’t cause any problems at all.

guide to plus size wetsuits

Another tip is that I will often buy a shortie wetsuit. First, it avoids the issue of length entirely. And these wetsuits are often easier to get in and out of, so you are less likely to get stuck if you’re not very flexible.

Another tip for the non-bendy people among us – “long john” or “long jane” wetsuits are a great option for plus size people, because they are very easy to get in and out of. They are full length suits but don’t have sleeves, so you just wear a rash vest on top, or a light top.

Women’s wetsuits in Size UK 16-20

If you’re a Size 16+ then there are plenty of wetsuits that will fit. I’ve shared some that I’ve tried and worn (successfully) and some I’ve tested but sent back for various reasons.

Two Bare Feet is a go-to brand for the mid size ladies among my friends – their XXL size will fit a UK 16 quite comfortably, and the wetsuits themselves are colourful and fit well. Reviews suggest that the legs can be a little tight for some women, but at £30 for a wetsuit, it’s a great, affordable option if you’re looking for a wetsuit for just a few months of the year.

Gul womens wetsuits are reviewed as being very good quality, and I’ve found a great option! One of the best deals I’ve found is this shortie wetsuit (it’s a man’s suit, but that doesn’t matter). The XL size fits a chest of 46, making this equivalent to a UK size 20.

Pawhits wetsuits go up to a UK 18, and I’m recommending this brand because I have some of their gloves and their wetsuit boots and they’ve been amazing. I’m too plus size for their wetsuit, lol, because in Pawhits’ world a size 18 is an XXXL. But the suits have reinforced knees, flat seams and are available in 3mm up to 7mm, so if you’re a smaller plus size, you should find a suit to fit and they’re great value.

blueseventy plus size wetsuit

Plus Sized wetsuits in Size UK 20-24

Layatone shortie wetsuits have great reviews on Amazon and are really affordable, with suits costing around £60. They’re currently available in red or blue, in sizes up to 3XL, which is equivalent to a UK 22-24.

Mountain Warehouse wetsuits are great quality. I’ve had two, and found they are comfortable and a little thicker than cheaper wetsuits, so will last quite well. I do find them a bit inflexible (because of the thicker neoprene) but once you’re in the water they loosen up. They definitely are at the warmer end, so if you need a plus size wetsuit to wear in the UK waters, it’s a good bet. Available up to a UK size 24.

TWF has a  decent range of plus size wetsuits, although you may only find smaller suits in the likes of Tesco.  Plus size options are available on Amazon for around £46 for a shortie suit in sizes up to UK size 22. My teen has had several TWF suits and I find them a bit more flexible than the MW wetsuits, which means they pack smaller if you’re buying for a summer holiday!

where to buy a size 20 wetsuit

ZCCO shortie wetsuits are billed as men’s suits but given the short arms and legs they’re effectively unisex. They can be bought for around £30 in 1mm and 3mm thicknesses. These wetsuits are SUPER stretchy, ideal for summer AND are available in sizes up to a 4XL (around a 22-24).

Blueseventy plus size swimming suits go up to a UK 20/22 or an X. These suits won’t be great for paddleboarding because the fabric is thinner and might get damaged on the knees. It’s also worth noting these suits are at the more expensive end of the market, with prices from around £150. I have worn a Blueseventy suit for swimming and paddleboarding and found it really stretchy, and comfortable. I did find the legs a bit *spacious*so they let water in. I’d definitely recommend trying on before you buy. This is the style I wore:

blueseventy plus size wetsuit

Osprey’s range of plus size wetsuits for women goes up to a XXXL, which is their version of UK 22. This shorty wetsuit is 3mm and available in XL, 2XL and 3XL. It’s probably best suited for summer, but is an absolute bargain at £39.99. Alternatively, there’s a 5mm full wetsuit at £79.99 – also a bargain, and currently available up to a 3XL. Personally, I’ve often found Osprey has stock when most UK retailers are out of stock in larger sized wetsuits.

Plus Size Women’s wetsuits in Size UK 24+

Lomo should be your first stop if you’re looking for a plus size wetsuit in a size 24+. The company launched a more inclusive sizing policy a couple of years ago, and now stocks wetsuits up to a UK size 32. There a few different options for plus size wetsuits, and it feels very nice to have a choice when shopping instead of being stuck with that one suit you don’t really love, but can zip up.

Although you won’t find numbered sizes on the site, Lomo sells plus size wetsuits in Medium Wide A, B and C sizing, which are equivalent to UK womens sizes 14-18, 18-24 and 26-30. They’re designed for women 5′ 7″ or less, which means no more rolling up or chopping off sleeves! It’s a plus sized miracle!

Dive Inn is part of a Spanish group of websites offering everything you might ever need for any sort of water activity. The diving site offers a decent range of wetsuits in a broad range of sizes including plus sized women’s wetsuits. The women’s SEAC wetsuit goes up to 2XL (about a size 18/20) while the men’s range goes up to 4XL (26/28) in many styles. Right now there’s a 4XL shortie wetsuit on the site for under £50 – bargain!

Hevto is a brand I’ve tested quite extensively and I’ve loaned these plus size wetsuits to several friends who have loved them, and found them to be really comfortable. This is an American brand, and it has a range of 3mm wetsuits that are ideal for holidays and watersports. The plus size range claims to fit people up to 250lb (around 17.5 stone) or a UK size 28/30. The wetsuits are only about £50 on Amazon, so I like having them as spares. In testing, these wetsuits came up trumps for having a good fit around the chest, which is a bonus when you’re a woman! There is a comprehensive sizing chart on Amazon, so read carefully before you order. If the size you want isn’t on Amazon, check out Hevto’s site – they will ship to the UK, if you can wait a week or two for delivery.

plus size wetsuits in the UK
Flea wearing a Mountain Warehouse wetsuit

Wetsuit Q&A for Plus Sized People

Are wetsuits unisex? 

Yes. If you’re plus size it can be a good idea to buy a men’s wetsuit where sizes are bigger. If necessary, buy a shortie wetsuit, or buy a full wetsuit and use sharp scissors to cut the legs to the right length.

What thickness of wetsuit do I need? 

In general, wetsuits run from 3mm thick to 7mm thick. Most people will advise to wear 5mm in the UK or 7mm in the winter. That’s good advice if you’re going to be in a lake or part of the UK where the water is very cold. If it’s summer, and you’re likely to be on holiday somewhere warm, or in shallower, warmer UK waters then 3mm should be fine. As a plus size person, I have very good natural insulation (cough) so I can usually get away with a 3mm suit even in the UK.

Is it better to size up or down in wetsuits? 

Wetsuits are designed to be snug, but you should be able to breathe comfortably and bend without squeaking! If you’re towards the top end of the size or if you try on a wetsuit and it feels too tight on the neck or chest, then size up. But a wetsuit that’s too big will let too much water in, and won’t keep you warm. While it can be hard to find plus size wetsuits, hopefully this guide means you can find something that fits you comfortably this year 🙂

What if I get stuck in a wetsuit? 

It happens to the best of us. By which I mean this exact thing has happened to me. After panicking like a walrus for ten minutes, I realised that the easiest way to get out of a wetsuit if you’re stuck is to get into the shower (or back into the water). The fabric will relax in the water, and you’ll slip out like an otter. More or less. Also top tip: if you’re plus size, never ever buy a front opening plus size wetsuit. You think it’ll be easier. But it won’t.

I hope my guide to plus size wetsuits for women size 16+ in the UK was useful – if it was, please share with your friends! 

31 thoughts on “The Best Plus Size Wetsuits for Women, 2024”

  1. I am so grateful to you for writing this piece! I have been incredibly frustrated at not being able to buy a wetsuit in my size so that I can keep swimming in the sea (which I love to do) beyond the summer months. I’m 54, 5’2″ and a size 14 and have felt excluded from water sports by an industry that apparently thinks surfer chicks and water lovers only come in a size 6. Great to find another normal sized woman out there that loves the water! And really appreciate all your research and experience.

    1. I am SO pleased you’ve found it helpful. I’m 5′ 2″ and a size 16/20 and it’s so disheartening to feel that mainstream companies don’t think people like me want to enjoy outdoor pursuits! I do, I just want to feel warm and comfortable while I’m doing it! I really hope you find something great 🙂

    2. Thank you SO MUCH for this blog! I’m a size 24 and I love scuba diving but haven’t been able to since I put on a little extra weight.
      I bought the lomo medium wide C and it is a little bit of a tight squeeze but it does fit and does the job.
      Thank you so much. Will be diving with blue sharks this weekend because of you xx

      1. Hi Sally
        I am a size 22 and have been open water swimming in a mountain warehouse wetsuit, however I am really looking for a proper rubbery stretchy open water swimming wetsuit now in my size, which do you think would be the best please?

        1. Hi Kate

          I have a dhb wetsuit that I use for swimming – the men’s XXL was a slightly roomy fit on me and I’m a similar size to you. I cut the legs down to make the suit not too long. They have one in stock on Wiggle with 20% off making it £200. That’s a pretty decent price.

          One i haven’t seen reviews of but might be worth a look is this Blu Smooth unisex suit which seems to fit up to about 17 stones, so would probably fit you well: – it’s just shy of £200, so there’s not a lot in it, price wise.

          I hope that helps!

  2. Dear Sally, Thank you so much for writing and researching this! I found you by doing a Google search for plus sized wetsuits. I want to do openwater swimming and am annoyed that I had the thought, oh I can’t as I’m too big for a wetsuit. 5ft 10 and size 22. I can’t get fitter and happier if I can’t fit in one but looks like I can. Really grateful to you. Happy safe waterfun all!

  3. Thank you so much for this. I’m sick of sitting on the beach envying those who can run in and out of the cold sea in their comfy wetsuits, fuming that at 5’4 and size 18/20 I apparently don’t exist as far as outdoor sportswear companies are concerned. Getting ski gear was a nightmare when I decided to venture back on to the slopes post baby. The skiing itself was amazing – I’ve still got it. I just wish sportswear companies would cater to us to and not make us larger ladies feel so unwelcome and freakish.

    1. Hi i appear to be the same height and size as you, can I ask which wetsuit you bought please?. It’s an absolute minefield put there. Thank you

      1. Hi Jenny

        Of course.

        From Mountain Warehouse, I’d wear their size 20/22 – the 24 is definitely too big around the middle.

        From TommyD, I wear a 3XL – I got a 4XL shortie to begin with, but it’s too loose on the top half, if you’re bigger than me I’d go 4XL.

        With Truuli, I would ask the owner directly she’s very helpful with advice and will scope out your photo to give you advice – I was recommended the Bold, it’s 49.5cm across and 28cm across the legs if that helps you out!

  4. Another heartfelt thank you for this excellent research and comprehensive article. Once I finally get a wetsuit that fits, a whole new world of activities will be open to me! ❤️

  5. Dear Sally.

    Thank you so much for posting this. It’s really helpful. I was, however, very disappointed to note that Tommy D wanted to charge me 77 dollars to ship 2 wetsuits to me here in London. Needless to say, I declined to continue with the purchase. Was this your experience also of the shipping charge? I note you described it as a small additional fee, which I don’t think this is. I am wondering if it has been increased since you last purchased from them. Thank you again though for this valuable resource. I will make my way through the other websites.

    1. Hi Claudine

      I suspect it depends on the weight of the wetsuit – when I bought a shortie I paid $54 for the wetsuit and $24 for shipping. So that was a total cost of £56, which I thought was great value.

      When I bought my thicker, full wetsuit I paid $104 for the suit, and $71 for shipping. That’s £120 – which is about £20 more than I spent on my daughter’s suit from Mountain Warehouse, so it still seems pretty reasonable to me especially if you’re buying in a size that’s very tough to find in the UK. But obviously that’s a very personal choice!

  6. Hi there, this article was brilliant as I was struggling to find a wetsuit. I ended up going for the Layatone on Amazon as I had a £25 voucher for Amazon. It arrived yesterday and fits perfectly, I can’t wait to get in the water now! Thanks so much

    1. This makes me so happy, I’ve had a couple of people tell me they were very happy with that brand, so I hope you get out in the water soon!

  7. This post is excellent!

    I am usually a size 18 and just gotten into open water swimming recently. Luckily I found a wetsuit that fits but im dreading the idea that I may need a thicker one if I am still committed to it in the winter as it was a struggle to find a decent one my size. I can now look forward to it with ease. Thank you.

  8. Thanks so much for posting this. I really want to kayak at an upcoming trip to Cornwall but know I can’t assume I would fit in any to hire. Brands need to learn that they have a huge opportunity producing for wider size ranges. So frustrating!

  9. A little confused why two bear feet are being called out here when they’ve been size inclusive for years, and have really helpful customer service when it comes to sizing. I’m 5’9, size UK 22 and I own two wonderful suits by TBF, a full length and a 2mm body, and have had others in the past when I was a UK 24.

    1. Thanks Rebecca.

      I went off the info on the Two Bare Feet website, which says they sell women’s suits only up to a 2XL, which matches the standard measurements for a UK Size 16, possibly an 18. Although the largest they’ve had in stock this year is the XL, which is more like a 14/16.

      Having said that, it does sound from your experience like their suits have a lot of stretch, which is useful to know if someone’s stuck for a suit in their size! I still wouldn’t feel confident buying a size 16 suit and hoping to fit my size 22 chest into it!

  10. I managed to find an alder full length wetsuit and they go up to a size 18. I would say they are true to size just the thicker suits are a little more snug! I think I got mine from coast water sports!

  11. Sarah Fitzgerald

    I just came across this article and I’m so grateful for your research on this topic. I put up weight over the last few years and my regular wetsuit doesn’t fit anymore. I thought that was the end of open water swimming for me. I’m lucky enough to live on the coast and the missed opportunities really made me sad. I’ve ordered a new Two Bare Feet suit and I’m so excited at the prospect of getting back into the water.
    Thank you also for your openness and honesty it was so refreshing to read.

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