The Egg Roulette Challenge

egg roulette challenge

It’s no secret that Flea and I love stupid games.

The more stupid the better.

And that’s why we’ve decided to take on the egg roulette challenge.

If you’ve not spent time exploring the many, many stupid games on YouTube recently, the rules of egg roulette are pretty simple – take a dozen eggs, four raw, eight hard boiled. Then take turns smashing them on your head. First person to smash two raw eggs on their own head loses.


And for no other good reason than I thought it would be funny, I asked some blogging chums if they fancied taking on an unknown blogging challenge – and of those who said yes, we’ve selected Chelle, Colette, Karen, Lindy and Ruth to take on the Egg Roulette challenge, too. You can play with children but the great thing about egg roulette is it’s just as much fun played with a friend or partner.

Just in case anyone did need a reason, Flea and I are painfully aware we opted out of doing the ice bucket challenge this summer and this is our alternative – so we’ve decided to donate £50 to charity as a tribute the bloggers we’ve tagged to take on our challenge. The charity as chosen by Flea is The Street Life Trust, a charity in Lancashire that helps homeless and vulnerable young people find their way in life.

As to who won our challenge? Well, you have to watch to find out…

We hope you enjoyed watching us make total fools of ourselves in the name of a good cause.

What stupid games do you like playing in your family?



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