A lovely blogger I know has recently become disheartened with blogging.

One of her posts was used on a mainstream website and idiotic trolls took the opportunity to say some fairly terrible things. She wants to give up blogging.

I read her most recent post, about the kerfuffle, and felt very sad. Lots of bloggers commented in support, and I felt much the same. But what I also wanted to say, really, is that blogging is far too much fun to give up because some idiot is vile. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – most trolls are the virtual equivalent of those weirdos who stand on street corners swigging cans of extra strength lager and shouting abuse at passersby. It’s nothing to do with you, or what you say, or write, or the way you look, or think, or exist. It’s all about them.

I think we all have days when blogging doesn’t feel worth it. Maybe a troll has taken the bounce out of our step, maybe we feel like we’re on a treadmill, or there’s nothing interesting left to say. Maybe we’re stuck comparing our blog to someone else’s prettier, busier or more successful site. Whatever it is, I am sure that we all have days when we feel a bit meh about the whole thing.

But if I get into that state, I think about what we’ve gained from blogging. Friends, new experiences, the chance to travel to some amazing places; I’ve even gained a new career. Without blogging, I’d be writing some incredibly tedious article about the latest cloud computing innovation for corporate networks about now. I consider that to be a lucky escape. And let’s not forget what blogging teaches us – a whole bucket-load of life lessons. And a place where I can go to remind myself of my family, and how much I adore it.

A few weeks back, I decided to ask some blogging chums what they think blogging has done for them. And today felt like just the right time to share what they told me:

Actually Mummy

chelsea mamma


family fever

mummy mishaps

let her eat clean

mummy of two

NE Family Fun


patch of puddles

student bum

red rose mummy


wholesome ireland


What do you say, readers? If you blog… what has blogging ever done for you?