The one about Bottoms.

When you’re a parent, you get these moments.

You look at your child and you’re struck by how lucky you are to have them, how gorgeous they are, how every part of them represents this tiny miracle (this moment was not this morning at 8am when I woke up to find Flea standing over my bed, asking: “So Mummy, what’s going on with the hair this morning?”). 

Still, when those moments do happen, I have been known to tell Flea that she has the greatest rear end in the whole world.

This explains why, in the middle of our holiday in Italy last week, I walked in on Flea doing this:


Her explanation? “I looked and I think you're right, Mummy. My bottom is outstanding.”

While I applaud her self-esteem, I do hope she’s never observed doing this in public. 


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