moving house

This isn’t how I thought moving house would be.

I thought moving house meant loading all my worldly goods into a van and driving to an exciting new destination. Popping on the kettle and admiring my new kitchen.

The sort of thing we could make into a five-minute montage video and post on Facebook.


We actually sold our house three weeks ago. It was a weirdly emotional moment.

We’re completing on our new house in 10 days.

We should be able to move in four or five days after that.

In the meantime we are basically camping out in a little cottage, with 99% of our belongings in a storage depot somewhere in Lancashire.

It’s fine.

It will be fine.

Our new house is looking GREAT. I’m super excited about having a new house with a bit more space, and a brand new kitchen and – most thrillingly of all – TWO bathrooms.

Look! Isn’t it pretty?

(Not gonna lie, though, bit worried by that FOR SALE sign outside it).

new house

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to not sharing a bathroom with a teenager any more.

But it’s an odd feeling being in a rented house. I feel very odd having a frankly terrifying amount of money hanging around, waiting to be spent on a new house. I keep thinking I might accidentally spend it.

I miss our dog. I am also very shallow so I miss my sofa. Almost as much as the dog.

teddy westie sleeping

I miss living somewhere that has a phone signal.

Being in a rented house means there are six of everything – mugs, glasses and so on. So you’re forever washing up.

And worrying about mud on the carpets or coffee stains on the sheets.

I know that in the scheme of things, five or six weeks is nothing. But when it feels like something you’ve been thinking about for almost a year is so tantalisingly close, but not… argh. It’s frustrating.

A smarter woman than me would be using this time to prep for the new house. Setting up broadband appointments and booking people to measure for curtains, and getting buildings insurance.

As it happens, this move has coincided with a period of being a bit more absorbed with work than usual.

I made a couple of changes to our team before Christmas, and it’s really exciting to have a fab team that you can rely on to help you do good things.

So I’ve been busy with developers and designers and our team of freelancers, working on a new website. I’m feeling like I really *want* to work, and that’s distracting me a little from my impatience about the house. The net result being that I have done virtually NO organising for the new house. It’s almost as though it’s been so long it doesn’t feel like it’s really going to happen.

I recognise this as being exactly the same character trait that meant I didn’t believe I was actually going to have a baby until I was about 39 weeks pregnant and being booked in for a c-section.

You can imagine how that turned out.

So I’m calling myself to account.

Over the next week, I must organise utilities, phone, insurance and buy flooring for the new house.

Because if I don’t, I’ll be in the extra annoying position of owning a house I can’t move into!


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