Things I have done today…


Things I have done today:

  • Got up
  • Helped Flea put on her shin pads with her football kit
  • Helped Flea take off her shin pads
  • Repeated previous two actions approximately 5,000 times
  • Read stories. Realised Topsy and Tim lead seriously empty lives
  • Made burritos
  • Made boiled eggs when Flea decided she no longer likes burritos
  • Made a second set of boiled eggs when I remembered I never remember how to soft-boil eggs 
  • Tried to explain to Flea that I didn't have more toast than her, it's just that hers was sliced into soldiers
  • Gave up, and swapped my toast for Flea's toast
  • Played policemen and burglars
  • Played medieval policemen and burglars (as above, but with swords)
  • Went to the cinema to see Nanny McPhee 2
  • Played doctors and patients
  • Had a falling over competition on the king-sized bed. Lost.
  • Played 105 rounds of Pop-Up Pirate
  • Read two bedtime stories
  • Gave three bedtime hugs 
  • Gave one final, last hug
  • Then one more, but that was the last one, definitely
  • Apart from the last one, obviously

Things I have not done today:

  • Laundry
  • Changed the bed linen
  • Cleaned the kitchen floor
  • Taken a shower
  • Any work

I love the summer holidays!

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