Things I Have Forgotten

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Poor Kid. Doesn’t stand a chance.


I love reading those posts about “40 Things I have Learned Since Turning 40” and “10 Lessons I’ve Learned about Parenting” type posts, but friends, that post is never going to be written by me.

Simply put, I am at an age now where I have forgotten so many more things than I have learned that – frankly – it’s embarrassing.

Today’s memory lapse started last night, when I forgot to set the alarm and thus woke up in a panic at 8am.

As I hastily brushed my teeth, I heard the distant rumble of the council rubbish truck, and realised I’d forgotten to put the bins out again (six weeks and counting, I wonder if there’s a medal?).

Driving to school, I forgot Flea needed a cheque for her school trip, which was due last week. Of course, I’ve forgotten where my cheque book is, so even if I’d remembered, I think I was probably already onto a loser on that score.

I arrived at work having – praise Jesus – remembered to stop for coffee and a bagel en route – and set to work, where I promptly forgot to reply to a Facebook message from a friend who I suspect is having a tough time; entirely skipped a conference call; and had to reset my Skype password not once but twice, because I couldn’t remember it.

Work was interrupted by a call from school to tell me that my daughter was sitting in the head’s office because I had forgotten to pick her up – there was no late room today because of parent’s evening. I swear, that school is out to get me.

BONUS POINTS: I had also forgotten parents’ evening.

Child collected, teachers met, I thought my winning streak might be at an end, but oh no.

In the car on the way home, I was chatting with Flea about my day. It’s a good 15-minute drive home and we were passing the time happily, planning our evening out.

“Hey, why don’t I make dinner, and while I’m doing that, you can walk the…” 


The dog was still at the dog sitters. Cue a 30-minute detour to go and get her, apologising madly to the sitter for being late, then we drove back home again.

Please, please tell me it’s not just me? 




14 thoughts on “Things I Have Forgotten”

  1. It’s not just you! I had a whole week last month when I forgot absolutely everything that was not meant to be forgotten (money for school, parent-kid play together at school, money for school, school play and so on and so forth). I’ve tried my best to write everything on our calendar, but I still have a ton of papers lurking in a bag. I’m pretty sure I’m bound to forget stuff again soon…

  2. I have to have lists for everything and when I lose the lists it is complete mayhem….. I thought baby brain would have gone by now, my boys are 10 and almost 12!

    Stevie x

  3. You are not alone. I tend to put all sorts of crazy reminders in my phone these days. And repeat ones for stuff on a monthly, weekly basis. It has helped a lot, when I remember to put them in. It’s hard going. Hugs xx

  4. Praise the lord that this isn’t just me! I don’t know what is wrong with me at the moment but I am a walking, forgetful disaster. The other day I dropped Oldest at school to realise that I had sent her to school in the wrong uniform, Cue very disappproving looks from head teacher. The next day I got to school to realise that I had left Oldest’s packed lunch on the side in the kitchen. Cue more disapproving looks as I explained to teacher that I was going to have to dash home to get lunchbox. Then there was the time I was walking with Oldest across the school car park feeling like I had forgotten something. Yes, I had left Youngest in the car. In my defence it was less than 30 seconds but still I felt awful! I need to start writing lists and actually get a diary or something, although I will hardly be writing on list – don’t forget daughter!

  5. It’s not just you! I am terrible for remembering things! I try my best to keep lists and make a note of important stuff that I need to do but it doesn’t seem to help much.

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