This is what comes of Glee before breakfast.

Glee We've got Volume 2 of the Glee soudtrack in the car at the moment.

One of the songs is a cover of Lily Allen's Smile. It's quite catchy, but I suppose the lyric ("At first, when I see you cy, it makes me smile") is potentially confusing to really, really literal people.

People like Flea.

Hence this conversation at 8.15am this morning:

Flea: Mummy, when the little boy cries, why does the lady smile?

Me: Er, I think because it’s funny. 

Flea: Why is it funny when he cries?

Me: Maybe she doesn't like him?

Flea: Oh. [pause] Is it a little boy?

Me: Why?

Flea: Well, babies cry sometimes because they're cross.

Me: Good point. I think it's a big boy, though.

Flea: Like maybe in J1?

Me: Maybe.

Flea: Or even in J2 or J3 or J4?

Me: Sure.

Flea: Do big boys cry?

Me: Sure, sometimes. 

Flea: Do you think he's been naughty and that's why he is crying?

Me: Well, I think the boy has been unkind to the girl, and so when he cries, he sort of deserves it, and that’s why she smiles.

Flea: That’s not very kind, is it Mummy?

Me: No.

Flea: Can we listen to it again?

I think it's time to start restricting our morning music choices.

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