October Tots100 Index of the Top 100 British Parenting Blogs

Welcome to the Tots100 index of the top 100 British Mummy and Daddy bloggers.


It's been another busy month for British Mummy and Daddy bloggers, with more new blogs joining the Tots100 index every month – this month sees 10 new entries in the top 100.

The Tots100 is a great way for bloggers to reach new readers, and for readers to find great British parenting blogs. If you'd like to join the index next month (and next month promises to be a particularly exciting month for the Tots100) then please leave a comment on THIS post with your blog name, URL and Twitter ID (if you have one)

New to the index?

Before signing up, take a moment to read our primer, which explains what sort of blogs are eligible for the index and how the scores are calculated. Other indexes tend to score blogs entirely based on links, but the Tots100 uses a unique combination of scores that measure a blog based on three key things: popularity (how many people read your blog), engagement (how many people comment on your blog) and reach (how many people share your blog content with others).

You can also opt out of the index for any month or permanently, just by dropping us a line and asking to be removed from the table. You'll be removed from the month following your comment.

If you have submitted your blog to the Tots100 index, you can download a personalised badge for your blog, which will update automatically each month with your new Tots100 ranking. These badges are available for ALL bloggers in the index, not just those in the top 100. If  you're the modest type and would prefer, you can also download a static badge, which lets your readers know you're in the Tots100 without announcing your ranking.

And now for October's Top 100 British Mummy and Daddy blogs and bloggers:

Rank Blog Score Change
1 Are We Nearly There Yet, Mummy 4218 + 3
2 Sticky Fingers 4188 + 1
3 Baby Baby 4152 + 2
4 Belgian Waffling 4144 + 4
5 Single Parent Dad 4128 – 4
6 Rosie Scribble 4091 =
7 My Tiny Plot 4077 + 3
8 Diary of a desperate Exmoor Woman 4072 – 1
9 Little Mummy 4039 + 8
10 New Mummy 4039 + 9

To see the full top 100, please visit the Tots100 Index of the Top 100 Mummy and Daddy Blogs 

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