Top of the Tots 2010: Top 10 Mummy and Daddy Bloggers on Twitter

UPDATE: If you want to connect with 1,000 British Mummy blogs (and some Dads, too) then please visit the new Tots100 website with up-to-date listings and a brand new PR subscription option, so you can search, filter and contact the UK’s most popular Mummy bloggers direct.


2010 tots
As you may have noticed, this month’s Tots100 index of British parent blogs was compiled manually – which means there are (for this month) no lovely badges or scores for the Mummy and Daddy bloggers ranked outside the top 100.

I have punished the geeks severely. They didn’t just let us down. They let themselves down. They apologised and came up with some frankly pathetic excuse about snow or something, but I insisted they should make it up to us by creating an UBER Tots100 index for the whole of 2010.

We’ve looked at all the blogs in the Tots100 index from January to December 2010 and at the end of the week, we’ll be revealing the top 100 parent bloggers of 2010.

In the meantime, though, I thought it would be fun to highight some of those blogs that have done brilliantly in 2010 in one or more of our metrics. Over the next four days, we’ll be publishing the Top 10 Parent Bloggers on Twitter, the Top 10 Most Engaging Parent Blogs, the Top 10 Most Popular Parent Blogs, and the Top 10 Most Influential Parent Blogs.

Today, we’re starting with the top 10 Mummy and Daddy bloggers on Twitter in 2010 – this based on a combination of metrics that measure things like number of followers, number of Retweets and number of mentions.


Rank Blog Score
1 Sleep is for the Weak 592
2 A Mother’s Ramblings 577
3 Mediocre Mum 557
4 The Moiderer 556
5 Bad Housewives 555
6 Note from Lapland 553
7 New Mummy 533
8 Battling On 528
9 Claire Lancaster 505

Come back tomorrow for the Top 10 Most Engaging Parent Blogs of 2010!



TOTS 100

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