Turbo: A Review (with added pizazz)

We are huge movie fans in this house.


So when the people at 20th Century Fox asked us if we’d like a new Apple TV pre-loaded with the animated adventure Turbo, it didn’t take us long to say yes.

In case you missed it, Turbo is the tale of a snail called Theo who dreams of being fast like the Indie 500 racers he sees on TV.

One day (don’t worry about the details, just go with it), Theo falls into a turbo engine and becomes a turbo-powered snail, complete with glowing shell. Suddenly, the plucky outsider has a new name (Turbo) and finds himself competing in the Indie 500, sponsored by a Taco stand.

Flea sat happily through the movie, but I’m not sure it counts as one of her all-time favourites – on her chart of “animals I love”, snails fall pretty far below dogs, cats, tigers and the like. But she thought some of the gags in Turbo were very funny, particularly the scene where Theo is racing for his life, chased by a lawnmower.  For me, I thought the race scenes were fun (if wildly predictable) and some of the sight gags were great – I loved the bit where Turbo transmits the local radio station when his lights flash. And I think the movie taps into the feeling of being smaller and slower than the other kids, so there’s some poignancy alongside the humour.

So – I asked Flea to do a quick video review of Turbo. And she has delivered, with what she calls “extra pizazz”.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. 

Incidentally, this video was made in 90 seconds flat on my Windows Phone (disclosure:got it free) and I’m really impressed by the quality – AND you can edit the video on the phone, although it took a bit of fiddling to get the high-quality version from Windows Phone to my Mac…

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