What does Christmas mean to you?


I’ve been tagged by my friend Becky over at Baby Budgeting, who asks, “What does Christmas mean to you?

Hmm. The idea is to sum up what Christmas is all about, in your family.

But only in one paragraph, which is a challenge. I’m naturally chatty, let’s face it.

But here’s what I came up with:

The Christmas I see in books and on TV always seems to involve noisy extended family, boozy aunts and dotty grandparents sitting down to a family meal for 25. Our family is small. My grandparents died many years ago. I used to have three brothers, but now have only one. I’m divorced, so there are no in-laws, and Flea’s an only child. There’s no office party when you work from home, and most of my friends live far away. Our Christmas is small and quiet, and what I remember most are the moments Flea and I spend in church, on Christmas Eve, where I squeeze her hand, and give a moment’s thanks  for the absolutely ordinary, extraordinary life we lead. Does it measure up? I’m not sure. But it fits us perfectly.

That’s what Christmas means to us. How about you?

And because I’ve been told to and I’m nothing if not compliant, I’m tagging:

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