A week or so back, Flea and I were returning from a bike ride, when suddenly, the gears on Flea’s bike started slipping.

She’d managed to turn the gears while her bike wasn’t moving, and they were protesting.

I probably rolled my eyes, but it was no big deal, or so I thought.

But Flea’s reaction was to get upset and chastise herself. “I’m such an IDIOT, I get EVERYTHING wrong,” she cried.

There’s so much wrong with that sentence, I hardly knew where to start. I reassured Flea that it’s just a mistake, and we all make them, and making a mistake, or two, or ten doesn’t take away from all her positive qualities.

But the incident reminded me how fragile our children’s self-esteem can be; how easy it is for all of us to think of ourselves as stupid, or weak, or ridiculous. Or all three.

That’s why I’m such a huge fan of the Always “Like a Girl” campaign.

Like a Girl (in case you weren’t one of the 85 million people who watched the video on YouTube last year) is all about championing girls and celebrating their potential at a time in their lives when they are perhaps lacking in confidence.

This week, to celebrate International Women’s Day, Always released a new Like a Girl video featuring some of the amazing girls who responded to the first Like a Girl video – demonstrating how incredible and inspiring it can be when you do things “like a girl“.

It’s definitely a video I want my daughter and her friends to see. Take a look for yourself and see what you think. I’d love for you to share the video with young girls (and boys) in your life.

These kind of messages can and do make a difference. According to research conducted by Always in the US, only 19% of girls aged 16 to 24 thought that the phrase “like a girl” was a positive statement. But after watching the video above, 76% agreed that actually, “like a girl” is a positive statement. I was also heartened to read that two thirds of men who watched the video said it would make them think twice in future before using the phrase “like a girl” as an insult.

I’m really pleased to share this video with you, and even more pleased that Tots100 is teaming up with Always this weekend for a Twitter party where we’ll be celebrating International Women’s Day, and inviting you to share the incredible, inspiring and positive things you and your daughters do “like a girl”.

To get involved, all you need to do is join @tots100 and @always on Twitter from 8pm on Sunday evening and share your thoughts, comments and stories using the hashtag #LikeaGirl. We’ve got John Lewis vouchers to give away for the best Tweets, and you can find all the details over on the Tots100 website.

I do hope you’ll join us – because I’d like to think that by the time some of our daughters are reaching their teenage years, it will no longer be considered funny, or normal to insult someone by saying they’re just “like a girl”.