When Reviewing Goes Wrong

Being a parent blogger's ace, isn't it?

People just queue up to give you free things to try out with your kids. Brilliant!

Except when it goes wrong.

This week, we've been testing a new CD and storybook combo for kids called The Bush Tales. The basic idea is that it's a series of stories about animals in the African bush, and various legends about how the giraffe got so tall, how the lion got its roar, that sort of thing.

The CD features West-End stars singing with full orchestras, so this is a huge step above your typical kids' music CD. And there's a lovely eco and ethical element underlying each of the stories, and there are some great morals. But I should warn you now, sad stuff happens in the Bush Tales. 

I think I've mentioned before that Flea is quite sensitive to music, and sad music in particular. So this is Flea in our car today after listening to the song about Serafina the cheetah, and how she came by the tear marks on her face:



Flea Clip from Sally Whittle on Vimeo.

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