Why I might love PRs more than my Family

Over the years I’ve gained a reputation for being a bit mean to PR execs.

In my defence, I don’t think I’ve ever made a PR cry, which my ex achieved on an almost weekly basis when he was a news editor. Well, I’ve only done it once, to my knowledge. And I felt really bad about it afterwards.

However, Christmas 2010 marks a turning point in my relationship with the PR community. Because, frankly, the presents I received from PR people this year were about a hundred times better than the presents I got from my family. Yes, I know what matters at Christmas is spending time with our loved ones and being spiritual and stuff, but still, it’s nice to get a good gift isn’t it? And, frankly, the family let me down a little this year.

You think I jest?

Bulova WatchOne PR sent me a catalogue and invited me to choose a beautiful Bulova watch so I could look extra posh this Christmas – I chose the Wintermoor ladies diamond watch, which has a really simple face and stainless steel strap, with diamond detailing. I have had so many compliments on this watch,  it’s beautifully sparkly without being fussy and has a really neat invisible fastening so it looks seamless. I felt significantly posher while wearing it.

My Mother gave me a fleece blanket with an Avatar design. Yep. Because nothing says Christmas like a big blanket with a blue alien face on it. Also, she bought me spot cream. Yep. Spot cream. Let’s just let that sink in, shall we? Spot cream.

Neither of these gifts makes me feel any posher, I must confess.

Another PR sent me three boxes of chocolates to say thanks for some blogger outreach training I did with his company. I did share with Flea, although I stole the nicest ones first, obviously. I find it admirable that the PR didn’t mess around with ONE box. Oh, no. Let’s give a gift like we mean it – THREE boxes. Result.

My daughter gave me a book about SEO, handed over in a WHSmiths carrier bag. With the receipt still in the bag. The credit for this thoughtful gift goes to her Father, of course.

Tefal_actifry_familyThe PR for Tefal sent me an Actifry, which is a deep fat fryer without the fat. This little gadget makes lots of amazing dishes, cooking food with just hot air and a tiny, tiny spoonful of oil. It has to be said, we’re mostly using it to make amazingly crispy and fluffy garlic and paprika potato wedges, which are virtually fat free, and might actually be my new favourite thing in the entire world.

My brother bought me a purple shirt from M&S. It’s stripy and has a collar and is the sort of shirt you wear under a suit. I haven’t owned a suit since my last job interview, which was 11 years ago. Thanks, bro.

So in the PR v Family gift game, it’s 3-0 to the PR community thus far.

On the bright side, I think my family gift haul was actually an improvement on the year that every single member of the family bought deodorant for my brother, and he spent all of Boxing Day crying in his room because he thought we were all trying to tell him he had body odour. I think that might be worse than your Mum buying you spot cream for Christmas. Just.


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