On Saturday morning the postman brought me a lovely surprise.

It was a letter from my darling daughter, which she'd sent to me on Friday when her class took a walk to the local postbox. It's a pretty cute letter and Flea was hopping up and down as I read it:

  Flea letter

I love how my daughter feels able to express her complete love for me with no agenda, no expectation.

"Flea this is absolutely lovely, thankyou," I said.

"I did my neatest writing," my little girl replied. "Did you see the picture? I drew it."

"I did. It's brilliant. There's the postbox, and is that you?"

"Yes it is!"

"And what's this in the corner?"

"Oh, that's the dog you're going to buy me when I'm six, Mummy. Did you see how many kisses I put?"

Nice try.