It’s in the Cards.

Tarot I had a very interesting experience today, when a blogging chum did a tarot reading for me. I’m not sure I’m supposed to say who it was, but it’s someone who I have met a few times, and get along with pretty well.

I don’t know quite how I got to the age of [mumble] without ever having had my fortune told, my bumps read, or anything of that nature. I guess I’m generally far too pragmatic for it to have ever appealed. But on the basis you should try most things you get the chance to try when you can, I decided to give it a go.

So, there was a 20 minute reading with various different sorts of cards, an alarming number of which seemed to involve swords, which can’t be a good sign, surely? There were cards for my past, my present, my future and angel cards, which I don’t really understand but the pictures are prettier than the other cards.

Was I convinced?

Apparently the cards said that I work too hard, and I have a very strong moral code and beliefs about what’s right and wrong. It said I have had financial challenges (newsflash: I’m divorced) and have experienced conflict (I work with bloggers). Oh, and I work too hard and need a holiday.

So I’m not sure I heard anything that someone wouldn’t know after having met me once or twice, or even having read my blog for a few months. Having said that, I’ll confess there’s something weirdly compelling and probably also deeply egocentric about listening to someone talk about how interesting you are for 20 minutes.

But what I end up wondering is do the ‘cards’ say things that are credible because tarot works, or because the person reading the card knew those things and therefore ‘saw’ what she expected to see, or at least interpreted what she saw based on her knowledge of my personality and situation? I’m inclined to feel it’s the latter.

Perhaps these things require the individual to make a leap of faith in terms of believing it’s the cards telling them things rather than a person. I’m not terribly good at leaps of faith, as a rule.

What do you think? Do you think this kind of reading can mean anything? Are they helpful, or just a bit of fun?

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