10 Awesome Ideas for a Captain America Themed Party

captain america themed party

Welcome to our post sharing inspiration for a Captain America themed party!

This week, we were due to be celebrating Back to School with a Captain America themed party for Flea and her best friends – collectively known as The Awesome Foursome. Sky Movies had sent us a bundle of things so we could truly immerse ourselves in the movie experience.

However, United Utilities had other ideas. For the fifth (or maybe sixth) week in a row, we’re unable to drink tap water in our house, because it’s infected with a rather nasty bug.

It’s (even) more annoying than you might think- we have to use bottled water to rinse dishes, to brush our teeth, to make up drinks, to give the dog… needless to say, it doesn’t seem like the BEST time to be inviting people round.

So, in true game show style, I thought I’d show you some of the things we WERE going to be using at the Captain America movie party. If it had happened.

The good news is that Captain America lends itself nicely to party decor – there’s loads of red, white and blue stuff to choose from, so you don’t have to spend a fortune.

We started off with drink bottles. I’m a big believer that anything with a lid on is a good idea when kids are involved, like these lidded cups from Sky Movies with funky coloured straws. Although they’re purple, nothing berry-based will be served – do you think I’m some kind of idiot?

You can get similar cups and straws on Amazon.

captain america parties

Next up, we used these customised party invites for our Captain America party. There are LOADS of free downloadable Avengers-themed invitations online – we got these from the team at Sky Movies but why not try these free superhero printables, or these Avengers invites?


Of course, you don’t NEED to dress up to watch a movie, but why wouldn’t you?

We love this Captain America mask, from The Disney Store – you can pick it up with a shield for £30. Why not get a selection and all the kids can wear ’em?  Here’s a cheaper version if you want to buy in numbers.


Patriotic-themed American tableware isn’t hard to find – we like these fun strong paper plates and napkins – perfect for your junior Captain Americas. You can find a selection over on the Party Pieces website.


What are plates and napkins without a matching tablecloth? Love this Avengers table cloth from Amazon, which is a bargain at £2.50


Next up, how about bunting? This hanging decoration from Party Pieces is available in red and blue, and looks really effective. Just make sure you stick it up with something that won’t damage the ceiling!


These shields, from The Disney Store, are great fun to play with and make sounds when the kids play with them. Flea loves her shield and it’s had hours of play. It’s also a big hit with her cousin, so having more than one has been a real bonus.

captain america birthday party for kids

And of course, every Captain America party needs Captain America, right?

This Captain America costume from The Disney Store is an age 7-8, but Flea (10) can still squeeze into it. I think she looks brilliant!

Captain America Themed Party

If you want to go the whole hog, and throw yourself into the theme, how about Captain America cushions on the sofa, for your movie party? Truth be told, this is a cushion we’ve had for a while, but I realised it was the perfect fit for a children’s Captain America theme!

Dog optional, of course. I love this round shield design over on Amazon…



Last but not least, if you’re hosting a party for children, you need snacks. So how about some cool popcorn packages for that full-on movie experience? I love these vintage style popcorn boxes, which cost just £1.99 for eight.


For the time being, Flea and Teddy are having a grand time at their movie party for two, but I suspect things will be a bit louder when the Awesome Foursome finally are able to visit to take on the Avengers!

If you’re having a birthday party soon, why not try the Captain America party theme?

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  1. Kids can also cut some red white blue fabric or use old T-shirts, make fringes and then they can tie them up anywhere in the house to make the party decor more colorful.

    Easy and fun DIY activity. 🙂

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