10 Ridiculous Things Dog Owners Do.

10 Ridiculous Things Dog Owners Do

Do you ever catch yourself thinking about the ridiculous things dog owners do? Because we all do them, I’m sure. Take this example:

It’s 7am.

It’s 7am, and I’m standing outside in my Batman jammies (don’t judge) and a hoodie, with my arms stuck out to the sides, forming a human umbrella over the dog.

What has my life come to?

I mean, it made sense at the time. The puppy needed to go outside (consistency being the key to toilet training) and it was hailing – and the puppy was scared of hail. But still. It’s ludicrous.

As the owner of a 13-week-old puppy, I am doing things that I cannot possibly justify to myself.

Like these weird things we do for our dogs:

  1. Being a human umbrella at 7am in a hailstorm (see above)
  2. Talking to the dog like it’s a real person.
  3. Plucking half-chewed pieces of food from an animal’s mouth to check it’s not a choking hazard.
  4. Cooking organic chicken breast and chopping it up finely for the dog because, “She’s not feeling very well”. Then making a cheese sandwich for my own lunch.
  5. Cleaning unspeakable matter from the dog’s rear end because she’s not able to clean herself properly yet, and it’s stuck in the fur.
  6. Allowing the puppy to eat my shoes, while I’m wearing them, because, heck, at least she’s being quiet.
  7. Talking to strangers on the street when walking the dog because, apparently, that’s what Dog People do.
  8. Carrying a muddy, slobbering dog home for the last few minutes of a walk because she’s too tired, and has staged a lie-down protest.
  9. Stopping bringing the post in, if it’s in boxes or Jiffy envelopes, because Teddy barks at them. Same applies to shopping baskets on the kitchen counters.
  10. Sewing up holes in Teddy’s favourite teddies. Especially Mr Snuggles. So that Teddy can turn psycho and turn him into shredded fluff. Again.

So I’m prepared to admit that, maybe, at some point in the future, I could well become the sort of person who will buy the dog version of an advent calendar for little Teddy. Even if it’s just at Christmas. Or her birthday. Or, you know, if she deserves a little treat. Oh, anytime, basically.

Barkbeats is a monthly subscription box for dogs. It comes in various versions, tailored to different dog sizes, and this month we tried out the version for small dogs.

For £14.95 a month, Barkbeats will send you a cardboard box filled with treats, toys and grooming products for your dog. Is this another Ridiculous Things Dog Owners Do? Or is it actually sort of lovely.

Truth be told, I think it’s lovely. Getting a regular top up of dog treats and toys means that your dog can never get bored, and you know they’re getting healthy, high-quality treats. As for us, Barkbeats is a nice idea but I suspect its usefulness depends on how many of these kind of products you go through. I’m not sure we’d go through more than one packet of dog treats per month, but with a small dog who LOVES to be dirty, the shampoo definitely comes in handy.

Also, the box contents were fantastic quality and I’m sure worth much more than the £15 or so the box cost. It’s nice that it wasn’t sample sizes, either, and I love that 10% of the proceeds go to charity – it’s nice to feel you’re doing something for other animals while you’re treating your own.

What do you reckon? Would you pamper your pooch with a monthly gift box? And I’d love to know the ridiculous things you do if you’re a dog owner!

14 thoughts on “10 Ridiculous Things Dog Owners Do.”

  1. How grown up is Flea! And how adorable is Teddy! I love puppy yawns, our youngest is over 1 year now and still has those cute pup yawns, I must try and catch one on camera!
    I’m not sure I’d get a box of goodies for my dogs though, I’m a bit of a control freak and like to pick myself what they’re getting, I suppose it’s a good idea for a first time dog owner with a puppy, a way to be introduced to the products available and find out what your pooch likes.

  2. What an adorable photo! Isabelle is dying after a puppy. I have to admit I am not great with animals, but also know they are fab for children, so might have to give in…one day, now we still have a little puppy called Olivia, and that is so much work and entertainment, enough for me 😉

  3. wow, what an adorable puppy, but I feel your pain, we have a golden retriever who as a puppy I did the strangest things for…come to think of it, I still do!! They grow up pretty fast though so it’s a great idea to log the puppy days on film :o)

  4. You’ll also fail to recognise those fellow dog-walkers if you see them without their dog. Happens to me all the time.
    I like the idea of Barkbox, but it seems expensive for a monthly subscription. It would be a good one-off present to send to new dog owners though.

  5. I love this post! Although LONG past the puppy stage with 9 and 10 year old dogs it brings back lots of lovely memories.
    I can reassure you that you will still do completely BONKERS things for Teddy for the next decade and more. Our terrier is currently struggling with certain toilet issues and I kid you not we are having to ASSIST with his daily movements, I’ll save you the details. I recently had a very, very concerned look from a cyclist who caught us in the act.

    Anyway enjoy it as they grow so very fast and before you know it will be a smelly, grey, creaks when they stand up dog but you wouldn’t live a day without them!

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