Best New TV Shows to Binge On

What are the best new and returning TV shows to stream and watch this autumn?

Top 12 New TV Shows Autumn 2017

Let’s face it – September in the UK is depressing.

Summer’s over, say goodbye to your long days of freedom and hello to the school run and soggy dog walks.

To my mind, this is the time of year when I find myself looking for the best TV shows to immerse myself in.

At a time of year when real life doesn’t seem that exciting, or fun, we all need a bit of distraction. And what could be better than a fab new TV show or box set?

Here’s my pick of the 12 best new TV shows to check out this autumn. Where the show already has a confirmed UK air date, I’ve included it – otherwise, you’ll just need to keep your eyes peeled for the UK premiere of these shows:

Doctor Foster, S2

Oh. My. God.

Season 1 of this show was super dramatic and tense, and Season 2 picks up the story of betrayed wife Dr Gemma Foster and her loser ex. I’m hoping it will still be as gripping without the “is he, isn’t he?” element of Season 1.

Airing BBC1, Sep 5

The Gifted, S1

This brand new show is hotly tipped to be one of THE TV series of the season. So, you’re a typical family and then you discover that your two kids have special powers. So you have to go on the run from the government. This is an X-Men inspired TV show with a new generation of mutants, and it looks pretty cool – Flea can’t wait to watch this one.

Airs on Fox UK, Oct 8

This is Us, S2

I’m a sucker for a good family drama, from Parenthood to Brothers and Sisters. So this new TV show that launched in 2016 was basically made for me. S1 was just sentimental enough, with a strong cast and lots of dramatic twists. I’m hoping in Season 2 they give the criminally under-written Kate a bit more to do, though.

Airs on C4, no confirmed date. 

Outlander, S3

I’m genuinely, oh-my-god-can’t-wait excited for Season 3 of Outlander. What’s not to love about a TV series centred on a 1940s time-travelling nurse and her Scottish lover in 1740? This new season kicks off with the end of Black Jack Randall, and the Battle of Culloden, and the separation – sob – of Claire and Jamie.

Streams on Amazon Prime, Sep 10

Cold Feet, S2 (kinda)

I know they’re all a bit old and saggy now, but they’re still THE BEST. What I find interesting is that 20-something me was all about Adam and Pete. Twenty years on, Karen is my spirit animal. But like old friends, it’s nice to see them all, and I’m interested to see how this new TV season pans out.

Airs on ITV, Sep 8 

The Crown, S2

I am not generally a massive fan of “royal” shows but Season 1 of The Crown was nothing short of spectacular. The return of the most expensive TV show ever made? Now that’s something to cheer a gloomy autumn night. Apparently Season 2 follows the story of the Queen and Prince Philip in the 1950s and 60s. Can’t wait.

Streams on Netflix, Dec 8


OK, I’m cheating a bit because this TV show came out earlier this month on Netflix. Atypical is a coming-of-age drama about an autistic teen called Sam. The show follows Sam’s decision to start dating and how that affects his Mum. It’s moving, and smart, and Netflix said it was a 98% match for my interests. Oh Netflix, how well you know me.

Streaming now on Netflix UK 

Young Sheldon

I tend to think Big Bang Theory is a bit like the Friends of the current generation. It’s easy, uncomplicated watching. The new spin-off series looks a bit warmer, but with the same smart script and humour. Flea’s looking forward to this one even more than me. And I am REALLY looking forward to this one.

No confirmed UK air date 

Lucifer, S3

I’m a big fan of the TV show Lucifer, which has aired in the UK on Amazon Prime. I was also a big fan of Smallville back in the day, so I am really interested to see how Tom Welling fairs when he joins the Lucifer cast this season. Streaming on Amazon Prime, Oct 3.

Season 1 and 2 Showing NOW on Fox UK 

Scandal, S7

I know we’re all supposed to love gritty crime dramas and Swedish clever things, but I love, love, LOVE a good Shonda Rhimes TV show, and Scandal is one of my favourites. At the end of S6 we had a female president, Olivia Pope taking a role inside the White House, and Fitz doing.. who knows what? I’m basically more interested in this than in the real White House. Yes. I’m shallow.

Airs on Sky Living, no confirmed date yet. 

Dynasty, S1

You know how sometimes you just hear the concept of a new TV show and you’re already THERE, fully bought-in, and ready? That’s me with this show. The CW is revamping DYNASTY. And even better, it’s being done by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage who have amazing credentials, having created Gossip Girl and The Carrie Diaries, both of which I loved.

Streaming on Netflix, from October 

Riverdale, S2

For me, Season 1 of this show was a slow burner. It took a while for me to get my head around the dark styling and slightly cartoon style. But after 5 episodes, I was fully invested. The finale? Was mind-blowingly good. And if you’re not a little bit in love with Cole Spraus, I’m not sure you have a pulse. The kid is fantastic.

Streaming on Netflix, October 


So there you have it – my prediction of the 12 best new TV shows showing and streaming on UK TV this autumn. Are you excited to see any of these shows? 


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  1. Thank you Sally, this is just what I needed to read. We have been looking for recommendations and haven’t really got into anything. We loved the Crown too, can’t wait for s2. I’ve emailed your post to my husband to check out the recommendations. I would like to watch Atypical, sounds brilliant.

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