Flea has been asking for a dog since she was three.

One of my fondest memories is this letter that she made me when she was in reception class. It was a letter all about how I am the BEST Mummy in the whole wide world, and how much she loves me.



When I asked her what the picture at the bottom of the letter was, Flea said, totally straight faced, “Oh, that’s the dog you’re going to buy me, Mummy.” 

Now, I love dogs but at that time, our house and our lifestyle was far from being dog friendly.

At the end of 2014, though, we were finally ready. And so we looked at a few websites and breeds and in the end Flea fell in love with a little bundle of fur, who she named Teddy.

This is Teddy’s “FEED ME” face.


Mostly, Teddy likes to try and start fights with things. My socks. The post. The puppy that lives in the mirror. The cleaner’s mop.


And when she’s done fighting, she sleeps.


Luckily, Lindy’s quite keen on Teddy, who gets to spend a lot of time on work days doing this…


She’s only been with us a week, but Teddy’s settling in quite nicely.

Now, if anyone has any tips on how to persuade a small terrier that my passing feet are not an enemy to be attacked, that’d be awesome.