A short intermission

The lovely people at creativetourist.com have invited me and Flea to go and stay in a plush hotel for the weekend while exploring Manchester’s family-friendly film festival, so we’re off!

Of course, when I say “we’re off”, what I mean is we’re off just as soon as I:

  • Manage to persuade Flea that she doesn’t need to take four Playmobil figures, Mr lion, Max the Monkey, Football Ted, Cheeky Monkey, Max the Monkey and Monkey puppet.
  • Remember where I put the spare phone charger last time I used it. I think goblins ate it.
  • Work out how to print the directions to the hotel, restaurants, films and various museums we need to get to over the next few days, when the printer has run out of black ink. I’m sure purple is just as good, right?
  • Find sunglasses, sun cream, rain coats, umbrella and everything else we might need to cope with the British weather – there’s a couple of outdoor screenings we want to check out.
  • Find a small bottle to put hair conditioner in. Because hotels never provide hair conditioner. I don’t know why – who doesn’t use hair conditioner? (apart from men, usually).
  • I know I’m going to forget something vital. Leave a comment with your suggestions for the vital thing you think I’ll forget, and a mystery prize to the person who guesses correctly.

Right, we’re definitely off now.

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