Ask a Stupid Question



They’ve got an answer for everything, haven’t they? Except it’s rarely the answer you’d expect.

For example, there are the questions that obviously I should have known the answer to without even asking the question:  

Me: Flea, why are your toy cars lined up on the stairs for me to fall over? 

Flea: Because they’re waiting to start the race


Me: Flea, why is the towel on the floor in the kitchen?

Flea: Because I was giving the Power Ranger a bath before the battle.


Me: Flea, why is your scooter on top of the washing machine?

Flea: It’s resting.

Then there are the answers I defy anyone to explain or understand since they come from the mind of a five-year-old:

Me: Flea, why are you making that noise?

Flea: Because there’s a mad banana in the sky.

Sometimes there are answers that are – frankly – a little worrying:

Flea: I love your arm best of all, Mummy.

Me: Why’s that, then?

Flea: Because every time I see you, I just want to bite it off.

And then there's my favourite answer from this week – the one that explains the expression being made in the photo at the top of this post:

Me: Why are you making that face?

Flea: Because you said ‘sausages’ and now I am alive with joy, Mummy. 



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