Tis the season to attempt to make crafts.

I mean, it’s the season of goodwill, and presents and carols and that sort of thing – but in our household, there are two things that pretty much only happen in December – baking, and crafting.

This month, I was gifted some crafting supplies by the folks over at Bostik and invited to come up with a festive craft. And lo… here it is: fingerprint reindeer and snowman baubles.

To do this craft you will need:

  • One bauble per person
  • White and Brown ready-mix paint
  • Blu Tack white glu
  • Permanent markers
  • Glitter


The first thing to decide is whether you want to make a snowman or a reindeer – the reindeer are a little easier. Not that either of them are THAT hard!

To make a reindeer, simply dip your thumb into the brown paint and transfer it onto the bauble. Repeat in a pattern around the bauble, leaving plenty of room between the thumbprints.


You might want to let excess paint drip off before making your thumbprint – if the paint’s too thick, it will drip and ruin the effect.

To make a snowman, do the same with white paint, and then use your little finger to add a smaller dab of white paint above your thumbprint – so the thumbprint is the body, and the little finger print is the head.

Let your baubles dry – we found they sit nicely in tea light holders, but an egg cup or scrunched up tissue would work as well.

Once the paint is dry, use marker pens to add hats, faces, antlers and noses to your decorations.

Next, dangle the base of your bauble into some Blu Tack white glue – this is perfect for decorations because it dries clear. Let the excess glue drip away. Put the sticky end of the bauble into the glitter and roll it around until the glitter sticks.


Experiment adding glue to different spots to create different sparkly patterns that will show up against your Christmas tree lights.

And hey presto – home-made Christmas ornaments for the tree! Simple. 






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