First Day Nerves

flea senior school

What if I get lost? 

What if nobody speaks to me? 

I hope I don’t do anything embarrassing. 

Did I remember to floss? I don’t want bad breath on the first day! 

It’s Flea’s first day of senior school today, and somewhere around 8pm last night, the nerves kicked in.

My nerves.

Yeah, sure, Flea’s starting senior school is mostly a big deal for her. There’s a lot of new stuff and she’s had the odd wobble, in between being excited about it.

But underneath my, “You’re awesome. I know you’ve got this!” reassuring pep talks, I’m starting to feel the nerves myself.

It’s fair to say that my unofficial title at Flea’s primary school was, “Flea’s Mum who forgets things”.

So much so that the school secretary started phoning me on the last day of term, when school closed at lunchtime, “just in case” I hadn’t remembered that it was a half-day.

The reputation wasn’t without merit. Although to be fair, my title could just as easily have been“Flea’s Mum who frequently has porridge on her shirt and no time to do make-up in the mornings”or “Flea’s Slacker Mum who never comes to school activities on account of having a job, and a mortgage“.

But senior school is a Whole New Start. I can TOTALLY be a better parent this time around. Starting today.

A bit more thought went into my outfit this morning than usual. You may not be able to see, but my socks, shoes and sweater match. I have jewellery on. That’s PRO PARENTING right there, that is.

school run fashion

I have showered AND brushed my hair. I even put on moisturiser and lipstick. Oh alright, tinted lip balm. Same thing. Anyway – I have got this senior school Mum thing sussed.

Then I messed it all up by spilling a wriggly dog’s ear drops down my jeans, and getting so distracted by Facebook that we were running late. Flea’s shoes suddenly didn’t fit, so she’s wearing a pair we got sent by a PR firm, and breakfast was bought from the McDonalds drive-thru on account of us being late, and not having any bread, eggs, milk or fruit in the house after our summer holiday.


Still, Flea seemed more relaxed than she was last night, and overall, I think she was excited to get started.

Yes, she gave me daggers for taking a photo of her outside school, but I suspect secretly she was pleased I wasn’t the Dad who had brought a video camera and followed his child right to the school door…

It’s all going to be okay. Isn’t it?

12 thoughts on “First Day Nerves”

  1. Ha ha so funny because I did actually get told off by the school office lady this morning, when I walked back into reception to hand over my girl’s hoodie that I’d walked out of school with. Apparently they are not going to be ‘doing that’ any more, and I’ll need to take it in a named bag next time and they’ll only do a ‘run’ twice a day. Thing was, second bell hadn’t even gone and parents were still there when I went back in – I should have just run to the classroom with it myself! Anyhow, yes, I agree you’re winning.

  2. I love how the first day of school was perfect for you. You guys have a crazy life together and all this just adds to it. I know we can only see half of you in that pic, and I’ve never met you so am relying on pics from online, but you look like you’ve lost weight – great school mum outfit too!

  3. Oh, I have been on the internet way to long if little Flea is heading for high school… fun times ahead. I am guessing the learning curve for new parents is at least as steep, if not steeper than kids’ one.

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