Five Things That Suck About Single Parenting…

[Alternative Title: the one where I whinge, a bit]

  1. Realising at 8pm that there’s no chocolate/Diet Coke/beer in the house, and you can’t go out to get any
  2. Realising that even if there was beer, you’re the only adult in the house, so you’re not really allowed to drink that much, anyway
  3. Always having to be the driver. I keep asking Flea when she’s just going to bite the bullet and take a turn at the wheel, but she keeps moaning on about it being ‘illegal’ or some-such nonsense
  4. Not being able to make home-made Easter Eggs because I’m not tall enough to reach them at the back of the cupboard, and I lost the ladder
  5. Planning nights out weeks in advance, only to find out on the day that your ex is now busy, so you’ll be staying home tonight *fixed smile*


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