Flea’s first school report: the highlights

Flea has now finished her first year at pre-school, and her teacher dropped off her file today.

This includes a regular school report. Apparently, Flea is a “lovely little girl who is polite and sensible at all times”.

But the file also includes dozens of Flea’s drawings together with lots of photographs the staff have taken throughout the year. Each photo is accompanied by a little anecdote to tell me what she was doing and saying at that particular moment.

It’s a really, really lovely idea – especially since if I ask Flea what she did at pre-school between the hours of 9am and 5pm the answer is usually “I can’t remember” or a detailed recollection of the lunch menu!

I thought I’d share my favourite photo and anecdote from the file.

So young to learn the harsh lesson that boys often get your hopes up, only to be distracted by something more exciting:


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