Good Time Girl.

This weekend, Flea was visiting her Dad, and then headed off for a night with Grandma and Grandad. 

My best friend is in town and we were faced with the thrilling – nay, dizzying – prospect of a whole weekend to cut loose and do whatever we liked. What to do? 

Well, first off, I alphabetised the DVD collection (sub-dividing into feature films and box-sets, obviously): 


Then I upped the ante and spent a thrilling hour matching up all my Converse and giving them a quick clean: 


After that, I let the good times keep on rollin' and sorted out all the toy baskets. For some weird reason, Flea doesn't share my belief in the importance of keeping small animals and action figures separately, so I took the opportunity to demonstrate how much better things look when they're in their RIGHT place. 


I tidied the fridge. I went through my overflowing desk drawers and shredded enough paper to fill three big black sacks. I backed up my hard drive – twice to external hard drives and then a THIRD time to cloud storage. I know! Crazy, right?  

And then came the highlight of our weekend.

If you've ever read the fantastic Motley Crue biography, The Dirt, then my weekend makes THEIR weekends look tame. Oh yes. This is the kind of thrill-seeking that makes Motley Crue look like Terry and June.

Yep. After the abject failure of my To-Do lists to make me, well, do anything in recent weeks, I bought myself a white board. It's a thing of beauty. Look upon it and be dazzled. 


Then we sat in my lounge where I marvelled at being able to sit on the floor without feeling a single stray piece of Lego or Playmobil piercing me in the backside, and watched a movie.


And then we went for a walk at 2am, and lay on the floor and looked up through the trees. For no reason other than the fact that I COULD. Take that, Tommy Lee. 

Some people may feel that this post indicates that I am now basically sad and middle-aged and some may even dare to suggest that I'm a complete bit of a control freak.

But I feel SO relaxed. Life's been so chaotic and unpredictable lately, and some days I feel like I'm just barely hanging on to it by my fingernails. And I can't think of anything that soothes that sort of angst more effectively than knowing everything is Just So. 

I'm totally Rock and Roll. Right? 

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