Happy Birthday to Flea.

Dear Flea,

Happy Birthday. I know I've only got one child of my own so it's sort of hard to compare, but of all the children I've ever met, you're definitely the best one.  

Thanks for sitting through endless business meetings in the past month and behaving like an angel. I owe you SO big.

Thanks for making me laugh so hard I almost passed out when you said that you’d been looking forward to your birthday for months because Grandma said she’s making sausages.

Thanks for the last-minute, not-at-all inconvenient change in birthday request from ‘kitten’ to ‘hamster’. I live for that kind of excitement in my life.  

Thanks for not being too old to hold my hand, quite yet.

I’d write more, but I’ve got to go and see if Pets at Home are open on Sundays.





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