How can your child humiliate you? Let me count the ways…

The nice thing about blogging – as my friend Jen likes to tell me – is that no humiliation is wasted. It’s all blog fodder.

This of course explains why I have shared stories such as The Worst Smear Test Ever, and (an old favourite) The Time Flea Told Everyone How Many Condoms I Use.

But you see, there’s even better news. Because if you also READ blogs, you’ll know that virtually everyone has been just as shamed as you, on many, many occasions.

To prove the truth of this statement, I asked some of my fellow bloggers – “What’s the most embarrassing thing your child has ever done?” 

Read ’em and weep.




Mums the Word










5 thoughts on “How can your child humiliate you? Let me count the ways…”

  1. Oh this brilliant it had me howling with laughter. They really have a knack of doing of knowing how to embarrass us. This Saturday we were in soft play (hell) when youngest came waddling over to us in the suprisingly quiet cafe, holding her skirt over head, shouting very matter of factly “Mummy I have done the biggest poo in my knickers and it is keeping my bum, bum lovely and warm”. She has just turned 3 but you would have thought that she was a teenager from the looks of disdain that were directed at us! You have to laugh.

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