How to Make a Will in 15 Minutes [AD]

how to make a will for single parentsThis post is for you if you’re wondering how to make a will.

How many things do you have on your “get around to it” list?

You know – the things you promise yourself that you will absolutely, definitely do … just as soon as you get around to it.

Typically, my ‘get around to it’ list includes any number of domestic chores, from changing the salt in the dishwasher to taking those old uniforms to the donation box at school. And I really must get around to submitting a gas meter reading.

But one thing that’s not on the list? Making a will.

I read an article recently from one of those productivity gurus that really made me think. Basically if something on your to-do list will take 15 minutes? Just do it now.

Everyone can spare 15 minutes. I mean, it takes us 15 minutes to make a coffee and scroll through Twitter during an idle moment.

Most of the jobs on my ‘get around to it’ list could be completed in that time. But I’m honestly not sure how to make a will.

how to make a will with

It turns out to be surprisingly easy. Making a will can take as little as 15-minutes with online services such as Beyond. This website takes you through the process of how to make a will that’s legally binding in 15 minutes, without even having to leave the house.

As a single Mum, I’m so aware of the importance of a will.

It’s tempting to think, well, if I die, everything goes to Flea. Simple, right?

Wills for Single Parents

Well, maybe .. but there are lots of other questions my will needs to cover. Because I’m a single parent I need to think about things like:

  • Who will take responsibility for Flea if I die prematurely? What if her Dad is no longer around or able to care for her?
  • What happens to my financial assets, are they given to Flea in a lump sum, or held in trust? If so, who will be responsible for administering that?
  • Who will be the executor of my will?
  • Do I have any other small bequests I’d like to make to family members or loved ones?
  • Is there someone I trust who should hold details of my life insurance and mortgage insurance policies?
  • What happens to our dog?
  • This is 2019 – who do I trust with my online passwords so that if I get run over tomorrow, Flea doesn’t lose access to 14 years of family photos and videos?

Unless you find out how to make a will, all of these questions are going to land in the lap of your family. That’s a lot of complexity and responsibility at a time when they’re likely to be emotional and fragile.

I know that thinking of your child grieving your death is a horrible, uncomfortable thought. But I suppose I also think the last gift I’ll be able to give Flea is a degree of protection and certainty through my will, and the provisions I’ve made for her while I’m still alive.

Even if it means asking super awkward questions like, “Will you look after my child if I die, and also empty my bedside cabinet and clear my browser history before our parents do?”

I promise that getting a will arranged doesn’t have to be complicated – or expensive. Many people hire a local family solicitor to draw up their will. But if you’re busy dealing with work and kids and life, there’s no reason to leave your will on the “get around to it” list.

Beyond: the Online Will Service

Will-creation websites like Beyond can guide you through all the key issues covered in creating a will, whether that’s appointing guardians or leaving small bequests and messages for loved ones. It’s comforting knowing how to make a will, and being guided through that process.

beyond online will service

Another big plus is that your online will can be updated any time, without leaving home. It’s very cost-effective and you’ll still have the reassurance of knowing an expert checks your will to make sure it’s legally binding. And you could probably do it in the time it’s taken you to read this post.

So with that taken care of, you’ll just be left wondering what’s the next item on your Get Around to It list to tackle – dishwasher or meter readings?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in association with Beyond, but all thoughts are my own. Click to find out more about Beyond’s will creation service.

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