I don’t like Mondays…

Monday mornings. They’re always such fun, aren’t they?

Especially when you’re a positive, organised, super-fun Mum like me. Why, just witness the positive things I’ve said to my child already today:


Darling, we slept in a bit, so we need to hurry.

Seriously, how long can it take one person to put on socks??

They must be in the wash. Just wear something that looks like school socks.

Well, I’m sorry the dress hurt your arm. You shouldn’t have been a dog while I was trying to put it on.

No, we’ve run out of milk.

Really? Well, we must have run out of those, too.

It’s brioche.

You can eat it in the car.

Why are you giving me this form now?

What the heck is mini tennis?

No, I don’t have time to sign it.

What homework?

You can read it in the car.

No, a fleece isn’t the same as a coat.

Well, where is your coat?

Fine, wear the fleece.

Do you have a drink?

Just, let’s get in the car, okay?

Have you got your recorder?

You’re right, that’s a bad word and Mummy shouldn’t have said it.

No, you mustn’t ever say that word.

No, I’m not being grumpy.

Alright, maybe a bit.

Remember to brush the toast crumbs off your blazer.

Is that pasta sauce on your cardigan?


Sigh. Roll on Tuesday.

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