I’m not one to boast, but..

That heading is a TOTAL lie. I'm about to boast. Big time. 

I know how many of you felt my joy when I first purchased the White Board of Wonder. But some of you questioned whether I was setting myself up for failure. Could I really make a dent on that To Do List? 

Yes, friends, I could.

But it gets better. 

As of this weekend, I have really, excruciatingly bad hair, I've eaten nothing but toast for 48 hours and I have no sensation in my legs below the knees from sitting at my desk, but the White Board of Wonder?

She cowers before me now. 

If we could just have a friendly agreement that NOBODY is to email, phone, IM or Tweet me for the next five days, I think I might be able to get it completely clear. I'm more excited by that prospect than is decent, probably. 


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