I’m not saying my child is weird, but…


Flea and I went out for dinner tonight, and we were chatting about her day at school.

For Flea, there are only ever two conversations worth having about school: what was for lunch (beef stew and dumplings) and what she played at playtime.

Usually, playtime revolves around some pretend game like pirates or Power Rangers. Today, though, Flea surprised me. "Today, we played Mummies and Daddies," she announced.

Given that today was the first time Flea asked how exactly babies get into Mummies' tummies, I was a little nervous, but Flea assures me that Mummies and Daddies is a really fun game.

"Were you the Mummy?" I asked, trying to picture Flea re-enacting my cack-handed parenting in the playground.

She shook her head.

"Were you the Daddy?"

Flea shook her head.

"So who were you?"

Flea gave me her very best how-did-I-get-saddled-with-this-moron-in-the-parenting-lottery face.

"I was the dog, and I walked on my paws and wagged my tail and licked people."

Of course she did. She makes Mummy proud.

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