Little Lego Makers

A few weeks ago, I wrote about our frustration when we went out to buy some LEGO and couldn’t find a single box of LEGO that wasn’t themed.

It’s not that we don’t love the licensed sets of LEGO – sometimes we do – but, inspired by the LEGO movie, Flea wanted to build her own LEGO creation, to not just follow instructions, but to use her imagination to create something amazing.

Thankfully, the rather brilliant people at LEGO saw my post and sent Flea a huge box of LEGO bricks. She was a bit pleased.

The photo at the top of this post is Flea’s LEGO mansion, complete with a not-entirely-to-scale LEGO basketball field (not seen) and a swimming pool, complete with diving board. There’s also a double-decker throne, and a widescreen TV. My kid dreams BIG. It’s not quite finished yet, but I already think it’s brilliant.

Flea’s probably as proud of this as she has been of the various Chima, Harry Potter and other sets we’ve assembled, and these days, she can sit absorbed for an entire evening, just inventing her own LEGO creations.

When we were struggling to find LEGO, I wondered if other families loved making LEGO creations from scratch as much as we do.

Some of my favourite bloggers shared pictures of their own LEGO makers’ creations with me. And they’re fantastic, aren’t they? I got way too many LEGO creations to include in one post, so I think I’ll do another round-up of Flea’s creations from our new set and I’m happy to include creations from other blogger kids – if you’d like to share a pic of a great LEGO creation, I’d love to feature it – just email me a nice picture with your blog name so I can credit you!

So – if our kids are so great at being little LEGO makers, why is it so hard to find these sort of LEGO sets? Come on retailers, please can we start seeing more of these sets in mainstream toy stores, rather than having to hunt them down or buy them direct? 

LEGO collage With thanks to (1) Seasider in the City (2) Mum in the Madhouse (3) The Brick Castle (4) Fashion Mommy (5) The Brick Castle (6) RedPeffer (7) VeViVos (8) Raisie Bay (9) In the Playroom 

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