Magical Moments of Parenting #245

So you know sometimes kids can just say things that make your heart melt?

It’s about their innocent perspective, and how their freedom from embarrassment means they just say whatever is in their little hearts.

This post isn’t about one of those moments.

I picked up Flea from her summer nursery yesterday and – as is usual – she sat in the back of the car chatting away, telling me about all the boys she’s played with that day (Flea doesn’t *do* girls).

I played with Sean, Mummy, and we played mummies and babies,” she said.

This seemed an unusual game for my child, who’s more likely to play pirates or knights, so I admit to feeling a warm little glow at the idea of her playing such a lovely, nurturing game. Maybe she’s more in touch with her feminine side than I thought. “Aw, that’s lovely darling. How do you play that?”

Well, the Mummy and baby have to lie down under the slide.

Are they asleep?” I asked, expecting her to tell me about tucking them in, perhaps giving the baby some milk.

No. They are dying because the monsters shooted them with guns.”


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