Natural Adventures with James Wellbeloved

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Breaking your toe is frustrating in a hundred different ways. But for me one of the toughest parts has been finding myself stuck at home, unable to walk too far, and banned from driving.

And I’m certainly not the only one who has noticed the house arrest.

Westies sometimes have a reputation for being lazy dogs. But my dog? She’s a runner.

Teddy is the sort of dog that strangers stop to stare at in the park. “Are you SURE she’s a Westie?” they’ll ask me. While Teddy races in circles just for the sheer joy of it.

At four years of age, Teddy has boundless energy and a passion for outdoor adventures of all kinds.

I do pay attention to her diet, because I know that she needs a LOT of nutrition to support her activities. When your dog has the right food, their coat is glossier, their digestion is smoother, and they’ll be full of beans – and isn’t that what we’d all wish for our pets?

Our other concern when choosing food is that Teddy is highly prone to skin allergies, as a Westie.

If we’re not careful about keeping her feet dry, she tends to get sore and itchy skin problems, which she does NOT enjoy being treated for. Westies, it turns out, are also complete drama queens and will cry in agony at the slightest unwanted touch.

We’ve used James Wellbeloved over the years because it’s a food that seems to agree with our little fuzzy friend. It’s a grain-free dog food, which is ideal if your dog does have an intolerance to grains or is at risk of allergies.

I think the food must also be really palatable, because Teddy wolfs it down without complaint. And I say this as the owner of a dog who once went on a hunger strike for three days, when I switched her food to something she didn’t approve of.

It’s hard to begrudge Teddy her favourite foods, though. I mean, look how HAPPY she is!

Ted loves all outdoor adventures, but her very favourite place in the world is the beach.

I often think to myself that I’m not sure what I’d do with myself if we didn’t live on the coast. For me, it’s a place where everything stops, and you can take a breath during a hectic day. Not to mention it’s a lovely place to watch a sunset.

During the week, we might pop to the beach for half an hour after the school run. But on the weekends we have more time and tend to spend a couple of hours walking Teddy.

Our favourite spot is in the middle of the dunes that lie between the seaside towns of Lytham and St Anne’s. We can enjoy the scenery while Teddy runs to her heart’s content. It’s also a really social spot and I think it’s a bit like a social club for dogs on a sunny day. So many new friends to meet!

The beach is a grassy area, then there are lots of tall sand dunes, which (as far as Teddy is concerned) were invented for running up. And down. And up again.

Then there are mud flats. The less said about those the better. Luckily, there’s also the sea for washing off again, afterwards.

Mostly, there’s just lots and lots of open space for running. We’re so lucky as dog owners because we have an excuse to get out and about in the fresh air every weekend. And you can’t help but be happy when you know your dog is loving living her best life.

What’s your favourite outdoor adventure with your dog?



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