Win a Smiggle 2017 Advent Calendar

The 2017 Smiggle Advent Calendar is on the wish list of virtually every young girl I know – and a few grown-ups. If you’re looking for an alternative to a chocolate Christmas advent calendar, then this Smiggle calendar could be perfect. It’s not cheap, at £25, but adding up the… View Post

Can We Talk About Ed Westwick?

OMG did you see the news about Ed Westwick?  What a piece of crap. I hope he dies. His career is over. If you’re defending him you’re part of the problem. She’s so brave. He should delete his account. If you spent more than about 20 seconds on Twitter today… View Post

Kicking the Winter Blues

It’s no secret among my friends that I really struggle at this time of year. Some people love the cusp between autumn and winter, and I get it, I do. Fireworks, falling leaves, hot chocolate? Not to mention all the scented candles. There are plenty of lovely things to enjoy.… View Post