Reasons why I am an Evil Mother, Part 2

Maths Camp
I am an evil parent. 

A week or so back, we were invited to go on a very lovely weekend press trip. I could have told my daughter about it right away. But where would be the fun in that? 

So instead, I told her we were going on a really fun, super exciting trip to MATHS CAMP. 

At first she didn't believe me. But once I'd taught her the official Maths Camp song she started to believe I was actually serious. It's a great song, too: 

Maths Camp, we're going to Maths Camp

We're going to have such fun, fun, fun 

Maths Camp, we're going to Maths Camp

And we'll do hard sums, sums, sums 

Poetic, I am sure you'll agree. And as you can see from the photo above, Flea was pretty psyched about Maths Camp.

Anyway, last Friday morning, disgustingly early, we arrived at St Pancras Station where I broke the news that, actually, we weren't going to be going to Maths Camp after all. As you can see, she took the news pretty hard. 


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