Save the Children Blogging Conference

"We're just sitting here, letting them die." 

Sometimes, it just takes a few words for someone to REALLY make you think. 

If a child, my child, was in front of you, moments from death, you'd do everything you could for her, right? 

Wouldn't you do the same for a child in Somalia? 

Especially if the thing you could do was a simple as signing a petition urging our government to fund more healthworkers. 

Especially if it was as simple as Tweeting, using the #healthworkers hashtag. 

Especially if it was blogging about this issue, to get your friends involved. 

Wouldn't you?

[If you're a blogger, read more about the 100 word challenge here. I'm not tagging anyone because – if you're reading this – you can help by posting, too.]  

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